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I help people to find the best skincare and beauty solutions and products for their needs. Learn about natural skincare materials and how to use them in your products. Read about beauty and healthy living tips to help you to enjoy naturally youthful and glowing skin. Find product reviews about inspirational beauty and skincare products,  healthy living ideas and get lifestyle inspiration. Book in for one of my facial treatments for more personalised service. 

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Because I specialise in natural skincare, facial treatments and aromatherapy, I use natural materials in all of my treatments. The materials I use include essential oils, vegetable oils, clays, plant extracts and flower waters alongside of an organic skincare range. All treatments are bespoke to your needs giving you the best possible experience. If you are looking for skincare advice or treatment or suffer from exhaustion, tension headaches or just need a moment to relax you are in the right place. All of my facial treatments are relaxing and include massage techniques to suit your needs. Depending on your needs, aromatherapy oils are available to use in all treatments.


Escape for a moment from your every day busy life with gorgeous scents in a relaxing treatment. Experience a therapeutic bespoke facial for glow and rejuvenation or enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage for some well deserved me-time. If you suffer from tired feet, enjoy a refreshing Thai foot massage. If you are experiencing head tension, try face and head massage. The treatment  focus is on creating a moment of calmness and a chance to spend some quality time with yourself in a safe environment.. My clinic is conveniently located in Marylebone,,central London with an easy access from nearby tube stations and buses or in the walking distance from Westend.

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Anuuk Aromatic Skincare

Skincare & Beauty Advice

Read about different materials, their benefits and why you should use them in your skincare and beauty products. Learn and understand about your skin and its functions.. Find skincare solutions and product inspirations for your skin type as well as lifestyle tips on healthy living.


Anuuk Aromatic Skincare

Product Reviews

Read regular skincare, beauty and lifestyle product reviews to help you to find the perfect options for you. My reviews are independent and I always aim to give the best advice. Get inspired to try something new and enjoy promotions and giveaways.

Anuuk Aromatic Skincare

Facial Treatments

Bespoke beauty facials are available in my Marylebone clinic in London. All treatments are tailor made to your personal needs I use natural materials and skincare products in all treatments. Product recommendations and skincare advice is available.

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Beauty Facials

Bespoke rejuvenating and cleansing beauty facials for glowing, healthy looking skin and rejuvenation. Using natural materials and aromatherapy alongside of organic skincare products. Advise on skincare and products provided

Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing aromatherapy massage uses plant materials to create a natural fragrance for your massage oil blend. Switch off for a moment and spend some well deserved me-time in a safe environment


Massage aims to release tension and stiffness of the muscles, to balance and sooth the body by slowing down the heartbeat and the breathing rhythm. Stop for a moment and take a pause for wellbeing

Body Treatments

Detox and cellulite reduction massage treatment aims to break down the fat cells, increase circulation and assist in regeneration of connective tissue. It aids the detoxification process with specific deep massage techniques and stimulation.

What my clients are saying?

I wholeheartedly agree with fellow 5 star reviewers. It is absolute bliss to have treatment with Anu. Best ever facials and I had fair share. Anu has magical hands. Whatever state of my mind, whatever condition of my skin, after the facials I am restored, my skin is rejuvenated and radiant and I am floating away on a cloud of beautiful scent. And no harsh chemical products are used during the treatment. I can’t wait to have my next one. -Alenka

Absolute bliss!

I first came to Anu with stiff muscles and back problems. I had a massage with her and was delighted with the results. Her massage technique is skilful and she has a natural talent and is very intuitive. She has an amazing talent in mixing oils as I recently tried her blend for spot prone skin and in a week my skin was glowing and spot free. I can’t recommend her enough. She is truly amazing! -Gemma

Truly amazing! 

The most blissfully relaxing facial in London. Whenever I need a treat and a little bit of luxury I go to Anu. The face massage and her choice of music is just dreamy – I float home. -Victoria

I float home!


112 Marylebone High St, 

W1U 4SA London

0771 7533 877

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