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Benefits of facial treatments 


The skin is the largest organ in the body, but we still often ignore its care. It has many functions, it helps to protect us from harmful substances, regulates the body temperature and helps with removal of toxins. It also has nerve endings, hair follicles and is sensitive to touch. You can quite often see the state of persons health just by looking at their skin. Medications and illnesses can often have drastic affects as well as lifestyle choices and lack of vitamins and nutrients. Hormonal imbalance or disturbances are a very important factor in skin condition and affects especially women as well as lack of hydration and basic skin care.

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Facial treatments have many benefits and they help to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. The type of facial most suitable for you depends on your needs and your skin type. If you feel you have neglected your skin for a long time or you have blocked pores and dull looking skin, maybe you need a deep cleanse. If you feel you need more rejuvenating as you skin is looking good, but you’re getting wrinkles and sagging maybe more massage based, rejuvenating facial is more beneficial for you. If your skin is very sensitive you may want to stay away from steam and extractions to avoid redness and opt for holistic facial still using exfoliation and masks to cleans your skin. Your Facialist will be able to advice you at the start of the treatment, after the consultation, which type of facial is best for you.

Standard deep cleansing facial usually consists of cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, massage and moisturising. Facial rejuvenation treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, rejuvenating massage with specific techniques to lift and stimulate your muscles and connective tissue finishing with massage with oils and moisturising.

It’s beneficial to get a facial treatment on a regular basis, ideally once every one or two months as your skin renews itself every four to five weeks and the facial helps to keep the skin in good condition. The face is exposed constantly to the sun and pollution and if you live a busy life you most likely don’t have time to do masks or deeper cleanse at home and all this will be done during the treatment. Your Facialist will be able to do extractions safely and hygienically, still respecting your skin, removing excess oil and dirt from the pores.


Facial is also a great way to give yourself a moment to switch off and relax. It is nurturing an calming to the body and mind. Especially more massage based facials are great in releasing tension in the muscles resulting more relaxed and toned looking skin and face. The facial stimulates the circulation, removes the dead skin cells and helps to cleanse the pores. The massage helps to reduce puffiness working with the lymphatic system. Feeding the skin after the deep cleanse is important and your skin will happily take in oils and hydration making the skin look stimulated, healthy and glowing. Your Facialist will be able to advice you in home care, giving you a regular routine and

suggest products which are most suitable for your skin type. Even if you don’t have specific concerns it’s good to have your skin checked and treated at least four or five times a year, once for each season. Our skin may change a lot during a lifetime, especially during times like for example extreme stress or pregnancy.  To get the most benefit out of your treatment it’s good to keep up some kind of a facial care routine at home. Cleanse especially in the evening is important and it would be great to do an exfoliation once a week. Moisturise at least twice a day and more often if you’re in a dry climate and exposed to the sun. If you are preparing for an event, like a wedding or a big birthday you might want to consider doing a course of facials for four to six weeks once a week to get you ready for the big day. Massage based treatments are great for fighting the signs of ageing by rejuvenating the muscles and connective tissue on the face.

Facial treatments are suitable for both men and women and they are great for kids as well, especially when approaching teenage years. Your Facialist can explain the different products and their uses and advice on the first facial products. They can ask questions and talk about their concerns and changes on their skin in confidence.

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