Here are my top tips for glowing skin. There are a lot of factors that have an effect on our skin, lifestyle, genetics and skin care to name a few. Here I will give you my top tips for beautiful radiant and glowing skin. First of all let’s have a little look at the skin. It is one of the biggest organs in our body and quite often neglected even though it has more functions we even realise. It protects us from harmful substances like pollution and chemicals and regulates the body temperature.

The skin has a big role on removing toxins from our body and it also forms vitamin D which is essential to our wellbeing. Skin has a network of nerve cells and is responsible of our sensations, like touch, heat and pain. These are things we quite often don’t even think about. To get a beautiful radiant skin you will have to pay attention to all aspects of your life. Some things you can’t do anything about, like genetics, but most things you can change or improve.


Do you eat healthy wholesome foods? Does your diet contain fresh fruits and vegetables? Do you get enough vitamins and nutrients from your food? These are important things to look at as this is the basis of your radiant, glowing skin. Your body needs to get enough goodness so it’s enough for all of your organs and bodily functions. How is your water intake? Do you keep well hydrated throughout the day?

Adult body on average contains about 65% water. You can get it from different forms of liquids as well as your food. Make sure your body is well hydrated and you will feel better in yourself as well as more energised. Your digestive system also works better well hydrated. Have a look at your diet and water intake and see if there is anything you can improve.

glowing skin with food

Healthy diet is key to glowing skin


Exercise encourages your body to sweat and is good for your circulation. It keeps your muscles and body in good and strong condition. Even better if you are able to exercise outside. There’s nothing like fresh breeze on your skin to lift up the spirit. Connection to the nature is important and it will also help you to get a good night sleep which in turn keeps your skin glowing.

You will look fresh and healthy with glowing skin. Have a look at your levels of exercise and find something you enjoy doing, it can be something as simple as walk in the park or nature or perhaps cycling or swimming. Remember feeling good and looking good go hand in hand!


Rest and sleep are important factors on your overall wellbeing. You need to make sure you will get enough sleep to let your mind and body to recover from your daily life. Sleep is important in controlling and balancing your hormone levels, keeping cravings to minimal and immune system strong. Quality of sleep will be better when you get enough exercise and do not work or stress too much.

Make sure you will take some time for yourself, get a massage, go to a spa or weekend getaway. This will reduce your stress levels and you can cope with stressful situations better . Good night of sleep and stress free life will keep the puffy eyes and dark circles and tired looking skin at bay, making your skin look radiant and glowing.

glowing skin with sleep

Getting enough rest is important to skin condition


Do you get break outs? Pigmentation? Acne? Have you been diagnosed with any medical condition? One of the most common causes for spots are hormonal issues, especially for us women. If your skin suddenly changes it is good to asses your life first before panicking? Has anything changed recently? Have you started using any new products (cleaning, washing, skin/ haircare)? Have you been stressed lately? Any of these things can have an effect on your skin condition.

If there is nothing you can think of, the answer can be as simple as intolerance to something you eat, most commonly dairy or wheat. If you feel it is something more serious, it is good to have a check up with your GP. It’s good to keep in mind that some medications can also have an affect on the skin. Have a look at your life, has anything changed recently?


Do you cleanse daily? This is important especially if you live in a city as you want to cleanse your skin from all the pollution and general dirt. Do you exfoliate regularly? It is beneficial for the skin to do this once or twice a week depending on your skin type. It increases the circulation, stimulates the skin and removes the dead skin cells from the surface keeping it clear from blocked pores and also prevents formation of black heads. It’s always beneficial to get a facial  treatment every four to six weeks as the skin renews itself every four weeks. It also gives you some precious time with yourself to relax and rewind.

glowing skin with massage

Regular facial treatments help to keep your skin clear

Do you keep your skin well hydrated from outside? Oils are a good way to inject more moisture in the skin and keep your your glowing skin well balanced and looking smooth. Don’t be afraid to use them even if you have an oily skin as they help to balance the skin and against to contrary believe actually help the oily skin to stay clear.

Good oils to use for the face for example are rosehip and jojoba oils, which both soak in the skin well without leaving the skin oily. You can use moisturisers on top of your oils as this will give you some extra hydration so for the long day ahead. Remember night time is the best time for your skin to recover so you can go a little bit crazy and use a lot of products.

Do you use toners? Natural flower waters are a great and very affordable option if you feel you want to refresh during the day. I mainly use them myself in my weekly facial masks or in the morning instead of washing my face. Always opt for natural, organic options where possible. Your skin absorbs high amounts of products depending on the area of your body, so this is something to be aware of.

Make sure you cleanse and hydrate your skin well daily and nightly and try to find a way to incorporate a good routine in your day. Remember to book regular facial treatments help to keep your new glowing skin in check.

Hope you found these tips interesting. I would love to hear from you, please leave your comments below or drop me an email with any questions or suggestions