Rosacea is one of the common skin conditions, which makes skin look red or slightly patchy, almost like an allergic rash, most commonly on the cheeks, nose and forehead. The capillaries dilate too easily, creating a red flush on the skin. There are a few things that can make it worse, maybe drinking alcohol, especially red wine, being in the heat, like sauna or intense sunlight. Some people find it getting worse with hot foods or even stress. It may disappear completely at times and then come back for no specific reason. There is no known cure for this problem, but there are some treatments available.

If you suffer from rosacea I would recommend facial treatments only during the times when the skin is calm, avoid steam and use natural ingredients in your treatment. Oils are great to hydrate the skin and flower waters are gentle to use instead of toners. You can make your mask with pure clay and lavender water.

common skin conditions

Most of us suffer from acne during teenage years


One of the most common skin conditions is acne which most of us suffer at some stage in our lives, some mildly, some severely, Spots and black heads appear mostly on cheeks, jawline, nose and forehead, when skin produces excess of oils and the daed skin cells are not shedding properly. This causes the pores to block and form spots or black heads. Some people may also get spots on their backs. This condition is mostly affected by our hormonal changes. Usually it is temporary and mostly linked to our teenage years, but may affect us when pregnant or when suffering from any hormonal disturbances.

There is no known cure, but there are many treatments available. Usually by treating the underlying issues the skin condition also improves. It is important tot keep the skin clean, wash your face especially in the evening to remove any dirt. Exfoliation regularly helps to remove the dead skin cells and keeps the skin more clear. Using oils, especially jojoba oil can be beneficial balancing the skins own oil production. Regular cleansing facials are recommended if you do not have the possibility to use masks at home. It is important not to squeeze the spots as you break the skin and may get bacteria from your fingers into the skin causing mild infection or even scarring.

Sometimes the diet can also contribute to the skin condition, try eliminating dairy or wheat to see if this could be the case. If there are sudden changes in your skin conditions it is good to have a check up with your doctor to see if there are any health issues going on.  Keeping yourself well hydrated as this is important to your overall wellbeing. Try to avoid using medical creams, but rather track down the reasons behind the acne. That will give you a permanent solution, rather than temporary help.

Common skin conditions sunburn

Sunburn is classified as skin condition


Almost all of us will experience sunburn in our lifetime and is also classified as common skin conditions. Sunburn may only be slight redness on the skin or painful, peeling, blistering skin. It may even cause permanent damage when affecting the deeper layers of the skin. The lighter the skin is the more easily it is burnt. Darker skin has more melanin which is a natural protection against the sun rays. Young children and older people are also more likely to get burn. Make sure that you use sun protection and that it has both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) protection.

Stay in shade if possible and get exposed to sun short periods of time rather than long periods to avoid over heating.If you do get burnt, it is important to keep your body well hydrated both inside and out. Drink plenty of water and apply oils generously. If possible you can use aloe vera and lavender essential oil, in your after sun oil or lotion which are both calming for the skin. Avoid sunbeds, as they do not build your natural sun protection in your skin and may damage it. Some medications may also affect your skins ability to protect itself so make sure you always read the labels. Read more about skincare in the sun.

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