History of massage therapy goes back to hundreds of years. Eastern world is maybe more known for its culture of massage than the west. Massage has been part of Chinese health care for a very long time.  It is also used in Indian Ayurvedic practices for pain relief. It is a treatment for illnesses and as a part of everyday life in many countries. In the western world most commonly known massage is probably the Swedish or holistic massage. Nowadays there are many other techniques and types used all over the world. There are many benefits of massage and its worldwide history is the best proof of that.

In the west massage therapy is commonly used as part of physiotherapy and osteopathy in a modern healthcare. It is becoming more popular as a standard maintenance treatment for the body and not seen so much as a luxury anymore. Massage is becoming an important part of our every day lives in active sports as well as used in pain relief and general relaxation.

benefits of massage

Massage can help you with pain and stress


There are many benefits on having a massage therapy. It is suitable and recommended to anyone healthy at any age. Many cultures teach massage techniques to their children and like myself, many children grow up massaging their friends and family members. It’s also a great way to bond between family members and nowadays. You can find for example baby massage classes which are beneficial to both baby and the mother. Touch is important and can help us tremendously during challenging times.

Massage therapy has both physiological and psychological benefits, relaxation, stimulation, pain reduction and enhancing sleep quality to mentioned a few. Especially in a western world where people leave busy lives and work long hours in ever demanding environment. Sometimes it can be challenging to switch off and calm down. Relaxing massage treatment can help greatly with anxiety and fatigue. Many every day problems may also find relief from massage therapy.

As we work more at the desk and live sedentary lifestyles, back and neck problems are common. Many people suffer from headaches due to reduced circulation, built up tension, stress and staring at the computer screen for long periods of time. We also can’t ignore the importance of touch. Especially in big cities, some people are starved for human connection as in our every day life we deal more with machines instead of other human beings. Life may feel a bit lonely at times. Many people may find massage comforting and helps us to connect with ourselves.

benefits of massage are varied

Massage is suitable healing method for anyone


There are also many illnesses that can greatly benefit from massage. It can help with circulation, lower the blood pressure and improve flexibility. Massage can help to balance the hormone production by reducing stress, especially if suffering from chronic problems and pain which quite often results to lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. It is always good to check with your doctor it is safe and suitable for you before booking if suffering from long term illness.

Massage treatment can also be beneficial to people who exercise a lot. It can help with flexibility and reduce tension and in this way can help to avoid potentially injuries. Sports massage therapy can also help in recovering of injury as you body tends to adjust to different movement, especially when in pain.

Each massage treatment is different and tailor made to match your needs. You can enhance the experience with essential oils by choosing relaxing aromatherapy massage instead of traditional holistic or deep tissue massage. Your therapist is be able to advice you on choosing the right treatment for you. There are numerous research articles available online should you be interested in reading more of the study and research results. Check out the Massage Magazine for interesting articles

Do you enjoy regular massage treatments? I would love to hear your experiences. Please leave your comments below and remember to read my article about the benefits of facial treatments