Throughout history women have been concerned about their beauty and avoiding the signs of ageing. History of beauty facials is somewhat scary. Methods used would not be allowed today. Nowadays the beauty goals are almost a obsession. Beauty magazines are filled with images of “perfect people” with flawless skin and fatless body. Social media is adding the extra pressure as we can be photographed anywhere at any time. Men are also getting more aware about beauty products and skincare. It is definitely the fastest growing beauty product section.


In the 1500-1600s having a pale skin was seen as a sign of wealth. Rich people were not out working in the fields, but trying to avoid the sun at all cost. Many of the first skin treatments were using products to make the skin lighter. With no testing behind the products they were sometimes poisonous and even dangerous. Masks were important and various products were used from vinegar to meat to different types of chemicals. By the early 1900s facial treatments were very popular and part of the beauty care of wealthy.

history of beauty facials

History of beauty treatments is fascinating

Later on things changed to opposite and the tanned look become fashionable as a sign of success and wealth. In the 1940s more and more beauty salons opened up and the beauty treatments became more mainstream. Treatments became available to everyone. People started to become more aware of the ageing of the skin and this still seems to be a major trend in skincare. Needless to say the history or beauty facials and other beauty treatments is fascinating. Many of the methods would not be used in the modern world. We have moved over to different type of poisons.

There are numerous products, treatments and machinery on the market fighting the years and as before some people are willing to go to extreme. Even cosmetic surgery and small procedures like Botox, teeth whitening and facial fillers are seen as mainstream. Nowadays almost every treatment is available to most people. Beauty facial is still one of the most popular beauty treatments and should, in my opinion, be part of every woman’s beauty regime. Read about benefits of beauty facials

History of beauty facials and beauty treatments

Beauty and make up trends change constantly


Make up has been used since the dawn of time and was often made from plant materials and oils. Ancient Egyptians are famous for their use of fragrances. The first things that comes to mind is the strong eyeliner used on paintings of the pyramids and buildings. Even in my lifetime of using skincare and makeup products I see a huge development. There are more brands than ever in variety of price ranges, so something for everyone.

To me it feels like people are looking to the history of use of plant materials more and are interested in the ingredients in the products. The consumer trend is definitely going toward more natural products and skincare and people are not willing to sacrifice their health for beauty.

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