First of all, let me start by recognising the fact that our skin types changes throughout our lives depending on several factors. Especially us women can get a complete change in our skin type during any hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Ageing process can also change the skin, as well as our lifestyle choices and any medications or illnesses. It’s important to get to know your skin and choose the right products for each stage in your life. Getting regular facial treatments can help, as you can discuss your concerns with your therapist who will also help you with the right products.


When we are babies and children our skin is soft, smooth and glowing. The cell production is fast and the any life events have not had a chance to have an affect. Apart from some skin conditions like eczema or hereditary conditions at this time our skin is pretty much perfect. Our first hurdle is the teenage years, the hormones are all over the place and spots are popping up everywhere. The skin types can also become oily and greasy. These are all part of the hormonal changes our body is going through on its way to adulthood. Some can also suffer from dryness. This would be the perfect time to have your first facial appointment.

skin types, normal, dry, oily

Skin types may change

Your therapist can explain about the skin care and recommend first suitable products. Cleansing the skin at the end the night is important to get rid of any pollution and hydrating helps to balance the oil production. One of the best first oils is jojoba. It’s very close to natural sebum in the skin and it’s great for balancing the oil production. If you wish you can add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender which is soothing and calms any irritation or one of the flower oils like rose or neroli, which are both gentle. As a cleanser choose something gentle and natural, like for example something with calendula.


After our teenage years the skin tends to “normalise” and the three main skin types are dry, normal and oily/ combination skin. If you feel and analyse your skin, does it feel tight after cleansing? Do you get dry patches? Do you get wrinkles easily? Your skin could be classified as dry or dehydrated. Preventing the signs of ageing is key as it’s easier than trying to get rid of wrinkles that have already formed. Make sure you drink enough water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and hydrate your skin daily.

One of the best oils to prevent signs of ageing is rosehip oil. It is extracted from the seeds of a rose bush and is packed with vitamin c and a and is a great source for essential fatty acids. You could add some Argan oil if you feel it’s not rich enough. Some of the great essential oils to add for dry skin type are carrot seed, frankincense and myrrh and of course the amazing flower oils. Use them instead of a serum under the moisturiser. Choose a rich, natural moisturiser to complete your skin care and don’t forget to hydrate your skin during the night as well.


Normal skin types would be characterised as soft, even, perfectly smooth skin. It’s well hydrated and it keeps itself in a good condition naturally. This skin type can also benefit from rosehip oil, which is a great oil to keep the skin well hydrated. This can also be used instead of a serum under the moisturiser to give extra hydration. This skin type is usually adaptable for any life changes and keeps well without any special care.

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Lifestyle may affect your skin


Oily and combination skin types tend to have a higher oil production and most common oily areas are nose and forehead. Sometimes it seems like there are two different skin types. The pores tend to be larger and you also tend to get black heads more easily as the pores get blocked, you are also more prone to getting spots. It’s important to use exfoliation on a regular basis to keep the skin clear and despite of the general belief hydration is the key. Try jojoba oil for problem times, you can add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oils. Proper hydration helps to balance the skins oil production and keep it clear. You can make a blend with rosehip oil, which again is a great fairly dry oil and soaks in the skin easily. Getting regular cleansing facials helps to keep the skin clear from blocked pores.


Like I mentioned at the beginning any hormonal issues can have a dramatic affect on the skin. If there is a sudden change and you start getting spots or other problems it would be good to check everything is on order. Nowadays many suffer from polycystic ovaries or other gynaecological issues. Book yourself for a check up and maybe see a herbalist for any natural remedies. Food tolerance can also be an issue. The biggest known culprits are wheat and dairy products. Check your diet, is it heavy? Do you get all vitamins and minerals you need.

The skin is quite often the last place to get what it needs as your body prioritises the need for survival. Don’t be alarmed if during your pregnancy you get pigmentation or spots. Theses are usually passing problems and things go back to normal after hormones are balanced. Some people also have a sensitive skin which reacts to products or stimulation. Don’t panic, usually the redness calms down in a few hours.  Make sure you get regular facial treatments if you do not have time to take care of your skin on your every day life. This also gives you the chance to escape for a moment and give yourself some me-time to relax and unwind. Read more general skincare advice by NHS

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