One of the most common problems especially us women is the cellulite reduction. There are many factors that have an affect on the formation of the undesirable dimply look. Some of these can be difficult or impossible to change, like genetics. There are still lot of things you can do to improve the appearance of the affected areas.


Most common areas affected of the cellulite on women are thighs, stomach and bum. Men mainly suffer of this on their stomach area and this is mainly affects of the hormones. Cellulite is the unwanted fatty deposits under the skin. The tight connective tissue pushes the fat upwards creating the bumpy appearance. The affected area can be sensitive at times, but regular massage treatments usually help to reduce this sensitivity.

cellulite reduction

Forming of cellulite


As always it all starts from within. Have a look at your diet, do you eat processed food or is there lots of sugar or salt in your diet? Do you drink a lot of alcohol, coffee or sugary drinks? Always try to opt for fresh unprocessed ingredients where possible to feed your body with healthy, organic where possible, options to remove toxins and give your body all the nutrients it needs. Make sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables with balanced diet as they will also help to keep your body well hydrated.

Start your day with a big glass of water and fresh lemon to kick start your metabolism and remember to drink plenty of water all throughout the day. We all need salts, but have a look at the quality, it may have an affect your cellulite reduction goals. Try to opt for Himalayan or sea salt for great minerals and pay attention on the quantities you consume. Remember salts are dehydrating to your body which is the worst when trying to get rid of the cellulite.

Healthy diet

Healthy foods are good for your body


Get your body moving! Exercise increases the circulation and sweating gets rid of the toxins. You will also benefit on psychological point of view as you will feel better after exercise, especially if you’ve been outdoors in the nature.Dry brushing the body is a great way to stimulate the circulation and help your lymphatic system to aid the detoxification process. Always brush towards the heart, with circular movements. Try to do this daily or at least a few times a week.

If you don’t like the brushing, try exfoliation instead. Both will stimulate the circulation and help with cellulite reduction. Sauna and steam room are also great way to remove some toxins as sweating is good for the body and it’s also relaxing, but remember to drink plenty of water afterwards.


Detox and cellulite massage has many benefits on the affected areas: It increase blood circulation, redistributes and assists in breaking down of fat cells, it creates a smoother appearance in the affected areas, decongests and strengthens the skin and assists in regeneration of connective tissue. Massaging at home is also a good way to help the process, but it can be challenging to reach all areas.

Detox and cellulite massage

Detox and cellulite massage can help

You can use essential oils which are great for stimulation and detoxifying. Citrus oils, juniper and birch are fantastic. Remember to blend them in a base oil as they can be quite potent and to avoid any sensitisation. Grape seed oil is great for this as its light and absorbs in to the skin really well. Oils are just the best for moisturising the skin as they are natural power from the plants and they absorb really easily and help to keep the skin well hydrated and flexible, also preventing stretch marks and signs of ageing.

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