How you can use flower waters for skincare and general wellbeing? Flower waters, also knows as hydrosols or hydrolates are great add on material to your natural skincare routine. They are totally natural and very affordable. They are a by products of essential oil steam distillation process and collected after the oil is removed. The waters contain about 1% of the essential oil, making them a super diluted version of the essential oil. They do not have a long self life, but you can use them in so many ways that it doesn’t really matter. There are a wide variety available, rose and lavender being the most commonly known, but there are some other great options like peppermint or frankincense. Make sure the flowers are 100% natural and organic where possible. Here are a few great ways you can use the flower waters:

flower waters for skincare rose

Rose water


Instead of using commercial toners, you cam use the flower waters in exactly the same way. Wipe the face with a cotton disc after cleansing or instead of the cleansing. I use them especially in the  mornings instead of washing my face with hard London water. Men can also benefit, by using the flower waters instead of an aftershave. Try frankincense for more masculine scent. You can make a facial mist which may be easier than the cotton wool. 


I absolutely love using flower waters in my facial masks. The scent is gorgeous and they feel so cooling on the skin. You can try different waters based on your skin type, orange flower or rose for dehydrated or neglected skin, lavender for normal or combination skin, witch hazel for oily or combination skin. You can also add oils, essential oils or other materials to your mask. I use clays as the base of my mask and then add different ingredients depending on my clients needs. The flower waters smell divine and are greta to use in treatments.

flower waters for skincare lavender

Lavender water


There are so many ways you can use the flower waters in sprays or mists. Just pour the water in to a spray or atomiser bottle and you are ready to go. They make refreshing facial mists which  you can keep in the fridge for cooling affect. A great product to take away for travels as well if you need some hydration on the go. They are also suitable for body and hair or even use instead of a deodorant or as a fresh foot spray. In the house you can use the as room sprays. You can also use them in any spiritual practise for protection or for example for support during meditation. 

Some people even use flower waters for cooking or baking, so your imagination is the only limit. Be adventures, try different scents and be creative. They truly are a great product to add to your natural lifestyle. If you are interested in creating more skincare products, check out my post about facial oils

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