Clays for skincare

Clays for skincare
Clay face mask benefits

Clays for skincare are the pure power from the mother earth and  they work amazing. They are widely available and affordable option for skincare masks. You can use them in your facial or body care or haircare products, but they are also used for cleansing practices internally for their detoxifying properties. There are many types of clays available, some stronger than others, but my favourite is the green clay and that is what I use in my clinic. 


I have tired and tested many masks in my facial care and there isn’t anything that would beat the natural clays. They are deeply purifying, but gentle and they can be mixed with distilled water, flower waters, vegetable oils, flower or plant extracts or essential oils. All you need is a bit of time to mix the mask yourself, but it’s definitely worth it. When using clays in your weekly facial you will start seeing a difference in your skin, which will look healthy and glowing. Clay masks are also great for any skin problems, acne, scarring or general irritation. Mixed with natural soothing lavender water they calm the skin. Clays are also packed with minerals and trace elements, gently healing the skin.  

They are super cleansing for the skin, leaving it clear and smooth. Use on a regular bases, weekly if possible, to keep your skin clear and glowing. I use the green clay myself, but there are others like pink (sensitive skin), red (normal/ oily skin) and white (for hair). The clays are pure and natural materials from the earth and have been used in skincare for thousands of years. They are prepared for commercial use by crushing, sun drying and filtering. The clays can be used both externally as a skincare mask or hair mask on internally to help the digestive system. Please seek advice from your health professional should you wish to use them internally.  

clay face mask benefits
Clay face mask

What are the benefits in clays for skincare? As the clays are earth materials, they are packed with minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, aluminium and silica to name a few. The green clay is super cleansing and detoxing for the skin and literally pulls out all excess oils and dirt from the pores making them tighter. As it dries on the skin, it lifts the face, tightening the skin as well as shrinking the pores. It increases the circulation and and is stimulating and for this reason is great for poor circulation if used in body products (body wraps).

They are also gentle so suitable for any skin type. The skin may feel dry afterwards due to cleansing process so it would be good to hydrate with oils afterwards. As I mentioned before, you can prepare the mask with mixing the clay with essential oils, flower waters or vegetable oils to a paste like consistency. Apply generously on the skin (face and neck) after exfoliating and leave until dry. Wash off and moisturise the skin properly. Remember to treat the neck area as well to prevent signs of ageing.

Your daily facial care should include cleansing and moisturising day and night.  In your weekly mini facial, which takes about 30 minutes, you would cleanse, exfoliate, apply the mask, wash it off and generously moisturise with your favourite serums, oils and moisturiser. 

Hope you enjoyed this post about clays for skincare. Remember to share if you find it beneficial. Do you use clays in your skincare? What’s your favourite?

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