Chinese Face Mapping

Chinese face mapping
Chinese face mapping for skincare

What does your skin say about you? Quite often we have specific area on our skin that tend to get the spots or wrinkles. We often wonder why that is and try different methods to heal them. According to Chinese belief the answers can be found on facial reflexology. Most common problem areas are jaw line, which often is related to hormonal issues and nose, which tends to get blackheads. If we have an oily skin this usually affects the forehead and nose area. 


If there are nay sudden changes in your skin, it may be something has changed physiologically and there may be an health issue. it would be a good idea to check your lifestyle and asses any potential changes and problems. Some women tend to get spots during or just before their period, most commonly on the jaw line. These sort of changes are perfectly normal and part of the hormonal cycle. Some people may also suffer from sensitivity to some food stuff which may also affect the skin condition. Most common culprits are wheat and dairy products. If this is the case, you should be able to improve your skin condition by removing this foods from your diet. Remember during pregnancy or any other hormonal time your skin may have changes, but these usually subside after your body goes back to normal balance. 

Is there a specific areas in your face you tend to get spots, pigmentation or other reactions? Chinese medicine believes that specific areas in your face correspond to different areas of your body pointing out possible problems. This is not a scientific method, but you may find it interesting and useful.  

Chinese face mapping
Face mapping for skin analysis

Forehead is linked to digestive system and liver. Have a look at your diet. Are you eating a lot of junk food or drinking a lot of alcohol? Maybe there is some food intolerance causing you problems. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and drink enough water. Have an overall balanced diet with enough fibre to aid your digestive system. The liver spot is in your third eye location, which may indicate a consumption of alcohol or even food allergies. 


Nose is linked to poor circulation. Do you get spots or blackheads on your nose? It may be an indication of circulation issues. Do you suffer from low or high blood pressure? Take a look at your lifestyle. Are you stressed? Anxious? Do you have any heart conditions? Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid heavy drinking and fatty foods. Take time to rest and get enough sleep. Practice like meditation or yoga may be beneficial.    


Cheeks are linked to lungs and allergies. Do you smoke? How is your lung function and respiratory system? Exercise is a great way to increase your lung capacity and help you with your oxygen intake. There’s nothing like a brisk walk in the nature to make you feel energised and fresh. If you are smoking, stop or reduce. If the problem continues it may be a good option to check your food allergies. These can be tested from the blood. Quite often we already have an idea, that there is a specific food you eat and afterwards feel uncomfortable. 


This area of the face is the most common problem area. Many people suffer from spots during any hormonal changes. Jawline and neck is linked to hormones and kidney. In this area we most commonly get spots during our periods or if there is some hormonal health issues going on.  Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances? Are you stressed? How is your diet? Are you drinking enough water and consuming healthy foods like berries and vegetables? Remember stress also has an affect on our hormone levels, which can affect your skin. If you are concerned or there has been some sudden changes it is good to have a check up.

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