Skincare tips for men

Skincare tips for men
Skincare is not just for women

The traditional facials and other beauty treatments are not just for women, men are becoming more interested in personal care and beauty treatments.  One of the fastest growing beauty and skincare markets are the mens products and treatments. Men are becoming more concerned about their looks, ageing and skin conditions and are looking for advice and treatments. Todays post is specifically aimed for men to give some tips on how to look after your skin with natural products.  

Mens skin may suffer from some of the same type of problems as women. Although us women are more under the mercy of our hormones, men may also suffer from acne or dry or oily skin. One significant difference is the facial hair which women do not have. Shaving may irritate the skin and the beard also needs some special attention.


Generally speaking mens skin is thicker and oilier than women’s skin. This is due to the male hormone production. As the male skin contains more collagen the signs of ageing are usually slower. The oiliness of the skin tends to create larger open pores, which is one of the top male concerns. There are also some men who suffer from sensitive and dry skin or acne as well as from signs of ageing.  It is good to note that each person has a different skin type even though there are some general differences between the sexes. 

Skincare tips for men
Beauty and skincare tips for men



Just as women, men also have different skin types. Usually I would use three main categories; dry, normal and oily or combination skin. Any skin type can be sensitive and react to stimulation or some product ingredients. It is important to use a daily moisturiser, especially if you shave. Each time you shave, you exfoliate the skin which may make it drier or irritated. Some men find that the old fashion manual shaver is less hard on the skin. Use moisturiser which is right for your skin type. Sometimes you may need to try a few to find the right one. There are many products in the market nowadays that are formulated especially for men, but it is not necessary to choose one of them. You can use any that feels good for your skin. If you are worried about the signs of ageing, I recommend using a separate product for the eye area which is more sensitive. Ideally it would be good to use a moisturiser day and night. Read more about skin types

As mens skin is oiler than women, they tend to have larger pores. If this is your concern I recommend using a clay based facial mask once a week. The clay will dry and tighten the skin, shrinking the pores. If you have any specific skin issues or concerns, I would recommend having a facial treatment and skin analysis to get more specific advice. Facial treatments are also relaxing and great especially if you do not have time for masks and other treatments at home. 

Skincare tips for men
Beard care

Shaving can make your skin dry. If this is the case I would recommend avoiding shaving every day. Take a day off to let your skin recover once or twice a week. If the electric shaver irritates the skin, try manual machine which is slightly more gentle. If you have a beard or are growing one, I would recommend checking out the beard oils. Lately they have been getting a lot of publicity and are a good option. Use them to keep the hair in good condition, tidy and shiny. 


Make sure you drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps to keep the body well balanced with right nutrients and vitamins. Avoid late nights, heavy foods and excessive amounts of alcohol. Living a healthy and active life will keep your skin glowing and looking healthy.


As male skin is thicker and has a higher amount of collagen the signs of ageing do not usually show as early as for women. Spending time out in the sun still affects the male skin as well if no protection is used. Although most men show signs of ageing later than women, the wrinkles tend to be deeper and more refined. Facial massage treatment is a very affective way to lift and rejuvenate the skin. It is also super relaxing and great for switching off for a moment. Most people live busy lives and it seems we are working all the time, so it is important to take some time for yourself every once in a while.

Top takeaways: Shave gently, let the skin rest, moisturise daily, use beard oil where appropriate and make sure you have overall a healthy lifestyle. 

Hope you found this helpful. Please leave your comments below or drop me a line if you have any questions

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