This is Adexe watch review for Sistine, petite rose gold watch. What is time? We all seem to be talking about it a lot, but have you ever thought what the definition of time really is? The English Oxford Dictionary says “The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole”. We use the time to measure things, organise our lives and to live in the same rhythm of night and day as most people. What is the appropriate time to go to bed and to wake up, go to work and have a drink and so on. Yet time seems to be somewhat elusive, untouchable “object”.

In the past humans measured the time by reading the stars, moon, sun and the changes of season. The fist time measuring devices were the hourglass and sundial (stick and poles). Babylonians started using the measure of a year of 360 days which is the base of the modern time measuring system. Ancient Egyptians are of course well known for their ability to use the sun movement when building pyramids and temples. 

Adexe watch review

Adexe – Sistine petite rose gold

The first modern mechanical watch was built by a German, Peter Henlein following the knowledge from China in 1510.  He was a great influence in the modern watches, later creating  the first pocket watch. When the mechanical knowledge spread to Europe the watches became popular and in 1916 people started wearing watches on their bracelets creating now the commonly used modern wrist watch. Nowadays this is the most common way to wear a watch and you can easily find watches everywhere in the high street.  


The classic watch styles are still popular and people are paying more attention to details. The vintage styles are coming more to the forefront, as we are nostalgic about the past in an ever faster paced and technology focused world. Colours are used in the watch casing or strap, which gives you the opportunity to match your watch to your outfit. It is safe to say that nowadays the watches are used as accessories the same way as brackets or other jewellery.


Adexe Watch London is an independent family run watch business based in London. It prides itself for stylish watches and classic luxury. With affordable prices, yet offering hand crafted quality, this collection offers something for every watch lover. The  collection includes timeless pieces, with both leather and stainless steal straps. There are several colours and case sizes catering for Bothe men and women. New collections are realised twice a year, so there is always something new and exciting happening. Adexe London watches make perfect gifts for all ages and celebrations. They are also perfect price range as a first time watch  gift for teenagers. Check out the latest styles

Adexe watch review

Adexe Sistine petite rose gold watch


When I was offered the opportunity to review one of the gorgeous watches I simply couldn’t say no. I absolutely fell in love with the Sistine rose gold watch and I had to have it. The watch arrived in a simple white case, beautifully wrapped in a tissue paper. It has a beautiful slightly pink gold stainless steel strap and a simple, yet elegant look. The watch case has a lovely glow and you can read the time easily. It has been inspired by the Sistine chapel in Italy as the name suggests and it does have that Italian timeless elegance. This  watch is the perfect accessory for any pink lover and makes a perfect first time watch. I will make sure to keep my eye out on the next collection. Get your Sistine Petite Rosegold watch here

Hope you enjoyed this review on Adexe watch. Do you have a favourite watch style? Is it part of your accessories? Please leave your comments below.

**This is a sponsored post in co-operation with Adexe London. All opinions are my own**