Beauty Preparations for a Big Day

Beauty preparations for big day
beauty preparations for big day

Summer is officially here which is the season for parties, celebrations and weddings. You want to make sure you start your beauty preparations early for best results. The best accessories are always a glowing skin and shiny hair.It will also make you feel good about yourself hen you know you are at your best. Whether you are a guest or the main star of the show, you still want to look glowing an healthy. The photographs will always remind you of the big day and you want to have fun when looking at them later and not think about how you look. 

In this post I will share my top tips on how to get ready without spending huge amounts of money or time. Simple regime will go a long way and doing a few simply things daily will give you great results. Using natural materials with some commitment will get you glowing at no time. 


I would recommend that you start your facial care routine at least four weeks before the big day, preferably six week. The skin renews itself every four weeks, so this would give you enough time to have a new glowing skin. Go through your current facial care routine and products you are using. Are they working for you? Do you feel happy with the way your skin looks? Are they hydrating enough? Add some facial oils to your routine. Beauty Preparations for your skin are important.

You can use them under the moisturiser or on their own. Good ones for the face are jojoba, rosehip or baobab. All of them are light and absorb to the skin well. You can add some essential oils if you prefer. Some of the top ones for skincare are frankincense, myrrh, carrot seed, sandalwood and flower oils. Avoid using citrus oils in you facial oils. Use the oils daily and generously during the night. Remember night time is the perfect time for your skin to recover, so you can use lot of product. Maybe try facial balms or use oils and moisturiser together for complete hydration over night.  

beauty preparations
Face and hair care for important day

Make sure you cleanse your face and eyes properly each night. You don’t want any left over make up, but a clear skin for night recovery. I would recommend doing a mini facial once a week. This will give your skin a deeper cleanse, removes dead skin cells and stimulates the circulation. Cleanse, exfoliate, apply mask, wash off and generously hydrate afterward.

I would recommend using clay based masks which are deeply cleansing. They also keep the pores clear from excess oils and shrink them for a smoother looking skin. If you are a toner user, I would recommend swapping it for a pure flower like rose for natural glow. Read about my tips for glowing skin.


How are your beauty preparations for hair? Are your haircare products working for you? Do you feel your hair gets properly clean water wash? Are the edges healthy? Does the hair look shiny? Using some natural oils in your hair as a hair mask is a great way to hydrate the hair and the scalp. Apply generously and massage the scalp to stimulate the circulation and hair growth. Do this once a week or leave the oils on over night for deep nourishment. If you use the sauna, apply generously and put on a shower cap to create “a steam room” for the hair. The heat will open the cuticles to allow the oils absorb in to the hair. 

Remember the hair you see is dead substance, but you can still treat it for lovely shine. Some of the best oils for haircare are argan, coconut and jojoba oils. You can add some essential oils to your treatment oils if you wish. They are stimulating for the scalp and can encourage hair growth. Some of the best essential oils for haircare are lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, carry sage and carrot seed. Check out some great hair care recipes


Keeping your hands a feet soft and smooth requires a few commitments. Especially if you are going to wear open toe shoes, you want to make sure the heels are nice and clear and the toe nails look healthy. If you don’t have the time to look after them properly, make sure you get a pedicure treatment once a month. 

beauty preparation for hands and feet
hand and foot care for celebrations

If you have the time add a foot soak for your weekly beauty preparations routine. You can do this while you are reading or watching tv. It’s also good for tired feet to give them a little love. Use a couple of teaspoons of epsom or Himalayan salt for minerals and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil like sunflower or olive oil blended with a few drops of essential oils.

Some of the best essential oils for foot care are tree and needle oils like fir, pine, spruce, add some eucalyptus or tea tree for freshness. Soak the feet in the warm water for 10-15 minutes, dry properly and use a foot file to remove excess skin. Moisturise the feet and feel how much lighter they feel. Read more about how to look after your feet.

You can also do a hand soak if you have the time. Use a blend of vegetable oil and few drops of ylang ylang or lemon essential oils. Soak the hands for 10 minutes in the warm water, dry and moisturise. Cut the nails if needed, they are always softer after the soak. Make sure you moisturise your hands daily, especially if you wash them a lot. You can also use some hand scrub once a day if you feel you need an extra cleanse. Get your hands and feet done professionally for the big day if you don’t have time to apply varnish or do any general care.


Remember it all starts from inside, so it’s important to drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and take some time to rest. Spend time outside in the park or forests to boost your immune system and to gat a natural healthy glow.

Hope you enjoyed my top tips for beauty preparations. How do you prepare for your big celebrations? Please leave your comments below, I would’ve to hear from you     

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