Sunshine and skincare

Skincare during hot summer

The summer is here! The sun is shining and there’s a heatwave in London showering us with beautiful and powerful sun rays. The sunshine is the best source for vitamin D and most of us living in dark countries are always lacking it and have to take supplements. Sun rays also have a psychological benefits as it makes us feel energised and positive. By taking some precautions you can still spend some time in the sun and get some sun energy. This is the perfect time to share some summer skincare tips and information about the importance of sunshine.  


Skin has many important functions and formation of vitamin D is one of them. It is important for us to get some rays, despite of the fact that we have been scared not to stay out in the sun. Vitamin D is important to us as it helps the absorption of calcium which is important to our bones, skin and teeth health. If you want to be healthy and look glowing you need vitamin D in your body. It is difficult to get from the foods so sunshine is the best source.  It is also important to note that some people absorb vitamins better than others and some medicines and illnesses may have an affect as well. Read about the importance of vitamin D.

Summer skincare
Summer skincare tips

The symptoms of vitamin d deficiency can be varied. It may cause weakness and tiredness. The body may feel painful and you may get small fractures easily. For children vitamin D is fundamentally important as they are growing and need it for strong and healthy bones. 


There are three types of sun rays and for summer skincare it’s good to know a little bit about them. UVA and UVB will reach the earth and may be harmful to your skin. UVA (ageing) is used in the tanning beds and is ageing to the skin as it penetrates the second layer of the skin. UVB (burning) affects the top layer of the skin and causes burning and is linked to skin cancer. Depending on where you live, the time recommended to stay in the sun may vary. In hot countries the sun rays go through clothing and you should be careful of that.


To enjoy the sunshine safely it’s important to understand your skin and how sensitive you are. The more your skin forms melanin naturally for protection the less likely you are to burn as quickly. Usually people who live in hot countries have a darker skin and those living in darker countries have a lighter skin colour. It is the natures way of protecting us. Even if you have dark skin, you can still get burnt and its important to protect it. 

Summer skincare and sunshine
Protect your skin and eyes in the sun

Avoid the hottest times of the day and stay in the shade. Avoid direct exposure such as sunbathing and opt for walk or stroll by the beach. Wear appropriate clothing and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Use sun protection during the hottest times of the year, especially if you do spend a lot of time in sunlight. When choosing your sunscreen, check that it has protection for both UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen generously and re-apply if you go swimming or if you have been sweating or spend long periods outside. Remember to also protect eyes and ears. Wear a hat or scarf to protect your head and hair. Check the NHS recommendations for sun safety.


For best skin condition it’s important to look after your skin between sunbathing. The sunscreen is designed to stay on surface of the skin for best protection, so it’s important to wash it off. It may block the pores’ specially on the face where the skin is thinner and cause spots. Washing it off properly will help to avoid that. If your skin is feeling warm you may have been sunburnt slightly so the most important thing is hydration. Drink plenty of water as you probably are dehydrated and make sure you moisturise the skin properly. Using oils is one of the best ways to hydrate the skin.

If despite following all cautions you do get sunburn it’s important to cool down the skin. Take a cool shower or bath to help the skin to recover. You can use calendula tea to in your bath for its calming properties. Place cold towel if the skin feels burning on the affected areas. Use oils and lavender essential oil blend generously and apply until the skin is completely recovered. Aloe vera has one of the best natural healing properties so you can add it to your skincare products as well. The hydration will slow down the damage to the skin and stop the skin peeling. Stay away from the sun until your skin is completely healed.  

Hope you enjoyed my post about summer skincare and find it useful. What’s your best skincare tips for sunshine? Please leave your comments below.

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