In this modern world people are obsessed about smelling and looking good and being hygienic and perfect in many ways. Most of us don’t really even need deodorants, but we use them anyway as that is how we are thought to do when we hit out teenage years. Our personal smell may be effected by hormones, foods we eat, spices, some medications or illnesses. The smell increases as we sweat and is caused by bacteria breaking down protein in our skin. Our glands release the sweat and scent when the body regulates its temperature. We all have our own unique body odour same as other animals. Your odour may change if you suffer from any hormonal changes or medical conditions. Luckily nowadays there are many natural deodorants available for you to choose from and you can stay away from harmful materials. 

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Recently there has been more information about the ingredients used in deodorants and how harmful they may be for your body. As we are becoming more aware there are now increasing amount of natural options available in the market. There isn’t any clear studies or research on what affects the chemicals used in deodorants and other cosmetics have on our bodies, but there are some clear signs that they may cause cancer or other problems. By avoiding at least a few known ingredients such as aluminium, parabens, triclosan and probylene glycol, you at least minimise the risk. Choose natural fragrances and materials where possible, especially if you use your deodorant every day. 

When you first stop using the traditional anti-perspirant deodorants, you may find that you start selling somewhat bad. This is part of the detoxing process and may take a few months until your odour goes back to normal. Cleanliness and shaving helps to reduce this and you can start using natural deodorants to support this process. You will find that over time your body gets used to the natural deodorants. I went through the process some years ago and have sticked to natural deodorants ever since and would never go back to using artificial chemicals. 

Natural deodorant review
The search for best Natural deodorant

Finding the perfect deodorant can be a challenge and I have tested many since then. For this post I picked three of the deodorants I have been testing for the past couple of months and found them all to be quite nice, in a different way. It all depends on how you like your deodorant. Do you prefer spray, roll-on or stick. My preference is the roll-on, but I don’t mind the others. Here are the results for my trail. I used all of the options for several weeks at a time.


Salt of the earth has a selection of natural deodorants, both sprays and roll ons made from natural salts. I tested the spray unscented type. I really liked this deodorant for several reasons. It’s light, the spray is like a mist so dryer really fast and it has no fragrance. I did not smell any body odour and I did not need to re-apply at all. This would make a perfect first deodorant to a teenager and is suitable for n=both men and women. It’s also one of the cheapest deodorants on the market so affordable with a tight budget. This would score a perfect 10 for anyone preferring to use sprays.

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Bioforce Salt of The Earth Deodorant Spray 100ml


This deodorant is a stick and has a lovely fresh scent. I was testing the Tropical Breeze scent which is with tea tree and witch hazel. I like the smell of this, it’s fruity and light. It kept my odour at bay and I did not need to re-apply at any stage. The only thing I didn’t like about this deodorant was the fact that as a stick it did feel a bit heavy on my under arm, kind of like applying for a cream. With this you need to make sure you have shaved so that it doesn’t stick to the hair. For this reason I would give it 8 out of 10. 

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Desert Essence, Deodorant, Tropical Breeze, 2.5 oz (70 ml)


This is a roll on deodorant and was my absolute favourite out of the three options. My scent is coconut and lime and it’s super fresh and light scent, which is not over powering at all. The soft coconut mixed with lime is a lovely combination. The liquid is also light and dries on the skin fast. Alva uses crystals (potassium alum of the mineral salt) in their deodorants and they are fragranced with essential oils. This deodorant is certified organic. This for me is the perfect 10 and I will continue using it in the future.  

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Alva DC Roll-On Deo Coconut & Lime 50ml

Remember that your lifestyle and diet my have an affect on your body odour. Read my healthy living tips for inspiration. Hope you enjoyed my post. Have you found a perfect deodorant? Which would you recommend?

This article includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases to no cost to the customer. This helps me with the costs of running the website and ables me to continue sharing great content.