This is a cancer care parcel review for the Hospital cancer care gift. Most of us have been touched by cancer in some form or another. We all know someone who has been diagnosed or even died from cancer. This seems to be a topic that most people are not comfortable to talk about. Yet it would be important to be able to discuss cancer and recovery openly. Cancer Care Parcel offers advice, information and contacts for support. You can also purchase gift packages and hampers especially designed for anyone going through a cancer journey.  


I received the Cancer Care Hospital Care Gift box for a review. This is thoughtfully put together and offers great products for anyone having to spend time in the hospital. It includes two supersoft neck cushions, slippers, water bottle and sleep mask. Together with some hygiene products such as toothbrush and mini tooth paste, tissues, face wipes and hand sanitiser gel makes them practical. There’s also great add on technology products like earphones, USB light and portable power bank (powerseed). You can also add your personalised message to the gift if you wish. 

cancer care parcel review

Cancer Care Parcel review for Hospital Cancer Care Gift box


Cancer care parcel offering gift packages and hampers was founded by Dr Shara Cohen. After going through a cancer diagnosis and treatments herself, she realised there was very little time for relaxation and me-time during the experience. The time was taken by appointments and work commitments. She has gone through the experience herself and understands the needs for cancer patients and their families and friends. All board members have been affected by cancer and are part of the planning process. Together they decide what the type of gift boxes should be made available.      

Cancer care parcel review

Cancer Care Parcel review for Hospital Cancer Care Gift box


The boxes are uniquely put together with a different theme, such as women, men, kids, chemotherapy, nausea and hospital. They include products designed to help or bring comfort. Cancer care Parcel consults cancer patients and charities to find the best solutions and offers advice to those affected by cancer. They also donate £1 from the sales of specific boxes to their charity partners. Gift boxes are also donated to hospitals and hospices.  Cancer care parcel provides information and articles on cancer, supports local and national events and supports awareness campaigns.

As a result the gift packages and hampers are a great way to send someone a thoughtful gift to support them in their cancer journey. Because of their content, I also feel that many of the boxes are suitable for people who have to spend long periods of time in hospital or who suffer from long term illnesses. Aromatherapy massage may help with the recovery afterwards by relaxing and connecting the person back to their body     

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**This is a sponsored post in co-operation with Cancer Care Parcels. All opinions are my own**