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Skincare product review for FitzJohn Skincare

This is a FitzJohn Skincare review for Radiance of Venus treatment serum. FitzJohn Skincare products combine the natural ingredients with luxurious packaging creating a beautiful high end product. When I was offered to test the Radiance of Venus treatment serum, I was excited to explore the different ways to use it.  This is a 50ml pot, is made form luxurious ingredients and has a gentle rosy scent. You don’t need to use large quantities, so this pot will last you for quite a long time. It has some of my favourite ingredients such as rose water which is one of the things I’m obsessed with. It also has shea butter, honey extract and the gentle exfoliating beads are jojoba grains. The Radiance of Venus is a natural skincare product in line of the latest skincare trends. 

FitzJohn review Radiance of Venus
Radiance of Venus treatment serum

This is a versatile product you can use in many ways. You can use it as a quick treatment in the morning when you need to bring back some glow. It works as a gentle polish and treatment. Massage into the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes, remove and enjoy softer skin to apply your make up on. Perfect on the day of a special occasion like a wedding or other party.

You can also use it in your weekly facial treatment after exfoliation, massage into the skin and leave on for steam. The heat will open up the pores to let the serum into the skin better. Remove and apply the mask to finish off your facial. You can also use this product with your mask. Exfoliate the skin, massage the treatment serum into the skin and apply the mask on top. Let mask dry and remove. Moisturise generously afterwards. Read more about Radiance of Venus 


I really like this product. I use it as a quick fix on the days when you skill is looking dull and lifeless. Quick polish with this product first thing in the morning and the skin has a lovely soft feel and the make up looks natural and smooth. I also use it with my mask, apply the serum first and mask on top for extra boost. Because I feel this product is gentle I feel it would work with all skin types. In my clinic when offering facial treatments I would use it with steam or together with the mask for extra boost. 

Fitzjohn skincare review radiance of Venus
FitzJohn Skincare Review for rRdiance of Venus

FitzJohn Skincare is an independent UK based company that creates luxurious skincare products from natural and organic ingredients. All products are formulated and made here in UK. FitzJohn Skincare has won several awards for their products and Radiance of Venus was selected as a Best Exfoliator in The Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2017. The current product line includes both body and face products, all packaged in a gorgeous, luxurious gold and purple containers. These products make a beautiful gifts for anyone who loves natural skincare products. 

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Check out the FitzJohn Skincare website for the full product line: Fitzjohnskincare.com

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**This is a sponsored post in co-operation with FitzJohn Skincare. All opinions are my own**

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