My Top Oils For Facial Care

I’m all about using oils for skincare, firstly because they are amazing for any skin problems, especially for anti-ageing and for hydration. Secondly because they are all natural, pure plant materials and easily available.  You can use the oils on their own or you can blend them to match your needs. Use lighter oils for oily skin and heavier oils for dry or dehydrated skin. You can also use them to make your own body oils and other products as well as treatment balms and body butters. I use oils for skincare every day and night alongside of moisturisers and serums. For me they have really worked well for preventing signs of ageing and I love that you can create different oils for different things and they make great little gifts as well. 

There are many oils in the market that are fantastic for skin care, but here is information about some of my favourite oils for skincare. Always try to choose organic options as the oils absorb through the skin and in to the body easily. I will also add some simple recipes to get you started with your oils. Read my post about skin types and oils for more. 

rosehip oils for skincare
Rosehip oil is great for skincare

This is a great oil for any skin type, but I would especially recommend it for ageing skin. It’s colour varies from very light to darkish pink and as it is fairly dry oil so it absorbs into the skin really well. Because of the pinkish colour it also gives a nice tint and makes the skin looks radiant, with natural glow. The oil is extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush and is packed with vitamin c and a, and is a great source for essential fatty acids. Fantastic oil to blend with other oils as well if it feels too heavy. Rosehip oil is also great for scarring during the healing to prevent the formation of scar tissue. It has natural healing properties and keeps the skin soft as well. It’s naturally anti ageing oil and is my absolute favourite of all oils and which I use a lot in my own skin care. Read more about the benefits of this amazing oil


Jojoba oil suits everyone and works well in any oil blends. It is a great oil if you suffer from any skin problems and are prone to getting spots. It’s a fantastic fairly dry oil which absorbs easily and clears your skin in no time. The colour is almost clear and the skin feels smooth and looks fresh after using it. The oil is produced in the seeds of the jojoba plant and is very similar to the skins own sebum (natural oils) and because of this it balances the oil production in the skin and is great for clearing and calming the skin. Blend with some essential oils to create a treatment oil for spots. This is one of the best oils for skincare and suitable for any skin type.


This super rich oil is great for adding moisture in the skin. It is heavy and because of this I would personally not use it on its own daily, but would blend it with other vegetable oils to make it a little bit lighter. I know some people who do use it on its own and it works well for them, so it’s always worth trying. Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the nuts of the Argan tree. It’s used in cooking, skincare and is well known for its use in hair care. A fantastic oil to use for dry skin or dry patches in the skin and great for extra hydration. For hair care you can apply it at the ends of the hairs or blend it with coconut oil for overall hair treatment. Read more about benefits of argan oil

baobab oils for skincare
Oils like baobab tree oil works well for any skin type

Tree seed oil baobab is lovely light oil which is almost colourless. The oil is made from the giant baobab tree fruit seeds and is another great oil to use on its own or in a blend. This is another oil packed with vitamins and omega fatty acids, so great for preventing signs of ageing. It absorbs in to the skin really well so is suitable for any skin type. Blend with jojoba for perfect treatment oil for oily or combination skin and with organ and rosehip oil for anti ageing power oil. Baobab oil can also be used in haircare products. Read more about baobab oil

SIMPLE FACIAL OILs for skincare

All made for 30ml bottle

Facial oil fo oily or combination skin

  • 10ml baobab oil
  • 20ml jojoba oil
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

Facial oil for normal skin

  • 10ml rosehip oil
  • 20ml jojoba or baobab oil
  • 10 drops of neroli essential oil
  • 5 drops of frankincense oil

Facial oil for dry skin

  • 10ml argan oil
  • 20ml jojoba or baobab oil
  • 10 drops of rose absolute essential oil
  • 10 drops of ylang ylang essential oils

Facial oil for signs of ageing

  • 1oml rosehip oil
  • 5ml argan oil
  • 15ml jojoba or baobab oil
  • 10 drops or carrot seed essential oil
  • 10 drops of frankincense essential oil

Hope you enjoyed this post. Remember to share with anyone you think would benefit or find it interesting. Do you use oils in your skincare? What are your favourite oils? Please leave your comments below and remember to check out my post about flower waters for more great ideas. 


  1. I love oils but I don’t use them all the time. I’m intrigued by Rosehip oil and all of its benefits now! All that I need to do is make sure the one I choose is cruelty-free.

    Thanks also for the recipes, they look awesome. I’ll try them out once I pick my Rosehip oil 😊.

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