This is a Skinirvana review for Original Beauty Oil. Facial oils are amazing for skincare and as you probably know by now I love them. They are one of the best ways to inject moisture into the skin and are fab for preventing the fine ageing lines. I use them day and night on their own, mixed with serums or under moisturiser. Oils keep my skin look healthy and glowing even on the days when I am tired.

Because the oils are natural material, similar to our own oils in the skin they are safe to use. They can balance the oil production in the skin and contrary to the usual belief are best for treating oily and combination skin. This is the case especially if you are suffering from spots. It often takes me a few weeks to write the product review as I always like to test the product at least a few weeks to give my honest opinion. This month I am writing a Skinirvana review about Pure Bliss beauty oil by Skinirvana. 


When I was given the option to write a Skinirvana review for their facial oil, I jumped up to the chance as I knew I would love this opportunity. I have been using the original formula for about a month now. I apply 10-15 drops every morning and evening and massage it on my face and neck. This amount is more than enough to most people, but I like to indulge and usually use large amounts. I would say most people need maximum of 10 drops as this oil is very rich.

The bottle comes in a gorgeous brushed brown 30ml glass bottle and in a beautiful tube box. The oil will last you for a long time and is rich enough to also use in a facial massage.  It has that rich texture that glides nicely on the skin. If you have oily or combination skin, you probable only need few drops. 

Skinirvana review for pure bliss beauty oil

Skinirvana review for original pure bliss beauty oil


The facial oil is made from some of my top ingredients, such as rosehip oil, which I add to all of my face products. The scent is sophisticated and delicate blend of neroli, juniper berry and rose. The I ingredients are natural and organic as I would expect from a high quality prodcut. You can use the oil on its own or for extra hydration under your daily moisturiser. It’s easy to use and a great way to start your day. I am a heavy oil user, but this oil has lasted really well and I am estimating it would last me for about six months , which makes it great value at £45. Skinirvana offers a free delivery worldwide and 10% off on your first order when providing your email.

There are currently two oils available, the Original blend and Delicate for sensitive skin which is suitable during pregnancy and when nursing, It’s also safe to use on children of six months or older, which makes it a great option for anyone doing baby massage. The oils are natural, chemical free, organic and vegan so suitable for anyone. I am happy to recommend this facial oil for anyone as it is beautiful and my skin is glowing after using it for a few weeks. Read more about Pure bliss beauty oil 

Skinirvana review for Original Pure Bliss Beauty Oil

Skinirvana review for Original Pure Bliss Beauty Oil


I would highly recommend that anyone who is concerned about ageing lines, starts using facial oils as they help to prevent formation of fine superficial lines. Ageing is not only about the skin, but also about the muscles and connective tissue. You can do some simple exercises or self massage on the face and the oils are perfect for that. Deeper ageing lines form when your muscle tone and connective tissue gets loser and less toned over time. Regular massage can do wonders as it lifts and tones the skin.

Daily hydration is paramount for healthy looking, glowing skin.  Drinking enough water keeps your body well hydrated and your skin looking smooth. Eat plenty of fresh vegetates and fruits for good quality minerals and vitamins and spend time outdoors, walking or running to get the blood pumping. When you live a healthy lifestyle and use a few key skincare products you can shave back the years. There is no need for any extreme measures  to keep yourself naturally glowing. Water, healthy diet, active lifestyle and good skincare routine will be enough.  Read about my top tips for glowing skin


Skinirvana products recreated by Mary-Rose Lobo, who has suffered from skin conditions like eczema and rosacea in her youth. She found help from natural ingredients and oils for herself and is now passionate about helping others in their skincare needs. She, as many others has suffered from section to synthetic ingredients and now only uses natural and organic materials in her skincare. All products are hand poured and chemical free. 

Read more about Skinirvana on their website and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook

**This is a sponsored post in co-operation with Skinirvana. All opinions are my own**