Ageing is a blessing, even thought it has been portrayed like a curse in the modern media. We are petrified of signs of ageing and the eternal youth is the goal most are seeking. Historically women have been more concerned about their looks, but nowadays men are also facing pressures of looking good and youthful. Let’s face it, we all are under pressure to ageing beautifully.


The pressures of always looking prefect, healthy and glowing is fed by mainstream and social media and photoshopping becoming a norm to everyone.  When was the last time you posted a selfie without any touch up? We always want to portray the perfect look, no matter what the reality is. We should still remember that it is normal to age and get sign of ageing on your face and body. It happens to all of us and in many ways we should celebrate our years and all the things we get to experience in life.

Ageing beautifully tips

Live an active life with positive attitude for natural beauty


As we get older the skin starts losing its elasticity and strength. The cell division slows down and the collagen production reduces. The skin starts forming wrinkles and possibly starts sagging, especially in the areas where skin is thinner, like around the eyes. The skin may change in colour, get pigmentation spots or just look less even colour. It is possible that the skin may become more sensitive, react to products get bruising easier. You may get broken veins on the body and face, most commonly on the cheeks. 

As the oil production reduces the skin starts looking thinner and wrinklier and especially for us women after the menopause you may also get hairs or skin tags on your face, most commonly around the eyes and on the cheeks. The muscle tone lessens, so the the body and face start sagging. Making sure you get all important nutrients and vitamins is important and hydrating the skin on a daily basis. Healthy lifestyle helps in keeping of the naturally glowing skin and healthy always looks more youthful. With basic healthy lifestyle it is possible to be ageing beautifully.

Healthy diet for ageing beautifully

Eat a healthy diet with good hydration for glowing youthful skin

There are many health conditions that may affect the appearance of the skin. Some medications may also have an affect, you may even get a rash or other reactions to medications. Smoking has a big affect on our ageing process, making the skin look dull and colourless. Alcohol has dehydrating affects, so it’s best kept to minimum and make sure you drink enough water if you do indulge. Genetics play a big part on our ageing process, but there are still something you can do to reduce the affects.


Ageing is part of life and we should embrace it, all the lucky ones do get older. If you are smoking, perhaps stop if you can or at least reduce the daily intake. Check the instructions on any medications you are taking to understand if there are any side affects. Drink alcohol with awareness and avoid overindulging. Best way to avoid the signs of ageing is try to prevent them in the fist place, making sure you have a healthy lifestyle. You eat well, sleep well, get enough exercise and keep away from sun. Live an active life and remember to enjoy it.

Have a positive attitude and you will naturally look glowing. Drink enough water to make sure your body is well hydrated. Eat vegetables and fruits, they also contain water as well as good vitamins to boost your immune system. Make sure you keep the skin well hydrated by using oils and serums in addition to your moisturiser.

Healthy and active lifestyle for ageing beautifully

Healthy and active lifestyle is the key for ageing beautifully


Oils are one of the best way to reduce the fine dehydration lines on the skin. Use generously day and night alongside of your standard moisturiser. Regular facial treatments especially with massage are great for lifting and rejuvenating the muscles and skin. Regular body massage treatments are a relaxing way to tone the muscles and stimulate the skin in the body. Read about tips for glowing skin.

It would be best to opt in for products that are natural or made for sensitive skin as you skin may react to harsh chemicals in products. Make sure you choose the right products for your skin. The skin needs may differ during the life as the skin changes and you may need to change the products you are using. Same with the food, if you can opt for organic options and make sure you eat a variety of vegetables and reduce the meat intake as it can be quite heavy to your digestive system. 

Most importantly have a positive outlook on life and embrace even day. Enjoy life, travel and experience what this amazing world has to offer. Spend time with loved ones, friends and family who lift your spirit. Do things you love and enjoy and stay away from negativity. When you are positive, you will feel more energetic and look more glowing naturally. 

What are your top tips for avoiding signs of ageing? Please leave your comments below.