This is a Sulphur Skincare review for Natural cream, all over moisturiser. I love receiving new products for a review. This  one is a product from a small independent company, which is always my preference. Very interesting products with natural materials and works well as a healing cream. Perfect for holidays and travelling emergency case.  It comes in variety of sizes, so you can always order a small one tor try out first.   


The base ingredients of the Sulphur Skincare review cream are shea butter, sweet almond oil, sulphur and vitamin E. Shea butter is commonly used in skincare products due to its soft and rich texture and great skincare benefits. It has tissue healing properties which makes it perfect for anti-ageing and irritated skincare products. It naturally contains vitamin A and because of this, is the perfect skin food.  Almond oil can be used for cooking as well as for massage treatments  and skincare products. It is high in antioxidants and vitamin E making it another great skin healing ingredient. 

Sulphur skincare review for natural cream, all over moisturiser

Sulphur skincare natural cream, all over moisturiser

Essential oils used in this product are some of my favourites for skincare such as carrot seed and lavender. They are combined with crispy and fresh lemongrass and rosemary. Carrot seed is one of my top oils for skincare and is especially great for mature skin. Lavender is cooling and calming for the skin and because of this works especially well for sunburn and itchiness. Lemongrass essential oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal and well as anti-inflammatory. This makes it perfect for tissue healing. Rosemary is stimulating and one of my favourite essential oils for muscular aches and pains.  Sulphur is added to this products for its various benefits and it works well in combination with the other ingredients.


Sulphur is a mineral that occurs naturally in the earth. It is commonly used for various products such as fertilisers, cosmetics and batteries, making it a very interesting component.It is widely used all around the world and it is vital for plants and humans alongside of potassium and nitrogen and phosphorus. Sulphur is an ingredient that has been historically used in skincare products for centuries. 

It is raved for its healing benefits especially for acne due to its antibacterial properties.  Sulphur can help balance the skin’s oil production and calm down irritation. It also works for insect bites and sunburn. Sulphur can be added to face -and body care products, such as masks, moisturisers and haircare.  Read more about sulphur

Sulphur skincare review for natural cream, all over moisturiser

Sulphur skincare natural cream, all over moisturiser


This healing moisturiser is a great add to your holiday emergency kit. It also makes a fab every day all over moisturiser. The texture is super soft and the product absorbs to the skin really well. The scent is soft, crispy and citrusy, but not overwhelming. I used it on my face and body without any problems. It does contain almond oil, which may not be suitable for nut allergy sufferers. Suffering from a nut allergy myself, I have found that it is a complex issue. I am not able to eat almonds as I do get a rash, but I am able to use the oils in my skincare. I did not get any reaction from this product even though I was using it on a rash.   

The moisturiser, in my opinion, is suitable for children, because it does have a soft texture and a light fragrance. It s made completely from natural ingredients, so should not cause problems. I would not however use it on babies or small children all over as their skin is more sensitive. It would probably still be suitable for treating a specific problem area. Sulphur Skincare has had great feedback on treating children with this cream without any problems  As with everything its best to try on a small area first. 

This all over cream is definitely worth a try if you suffer from any skin problems. Try for eczema, acne or irritated skin. Use as a treatment for insect bites or sunburn. I feel it would be suitable for all skin types as it absorbs into the skin really well.  Past customers have had great results on treating psoriasis and rosacea.     


Sulphur Skincare is an independent business, using sulphur in all of their products. They are based in West Yorkshire and founded by Yvonne Walker who is passionate about natural skincare. Product range currently includes moisturiser and shower products. There  are also soaps and haircare products available. 

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**This Sulphur Skincare review is a  sponsored post in co-operation with Sulphur Skincare. All opinions are my own**