When I was growing up and started using make up and skincare products, the availability of brands was nothing like it is today. I grew up in Finland and Lumene was one of first products in my beauty box. I remember the original packaging and bottles were dark blue and very simple. The variety was limited, but it was so cool to have Lumene products in your make up bag. It made you one of the cool kids. At the time the collection included all make ups and basic skincare products.  It was always a brand I though was great quality and never had any problems as far as I can remember. In this Lumene review I will tell you about eye cream, make up remover and a hydrating mask. 

After moving to UK Lumene was kind of left behind until my mom alerted me to the fact that they are taking over the world. So I felt I had to check it out and explore some of the new products. I have picked three skincare treatments to this Lumene review, but I am hoping to perhaps review some make up on another time. Hope you will enjoy reading about one of my first skincare and make up brands.

Lumene review for Valo eye cream

Valo Vitamin C Bright Eyes All-in-One Eye Treatment


First product in this Lumene review is all important eye cream. This is a lovely Lumene bright eyes eye cream, which is light and fragrance free. It comes in a commonly used tube with pump. I wasn’t sure at first, but with this pump you can actually control the quantity coming out of the tube.  As the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, it’s important not to use too much. Too much eye cream can cause puffiness and make eyes feel and look tired. 

I have been using this eye cream for a few weeks now and can see my dark circles are less prominent. That has always been my problem and not many eye creams work. The tube is generously sized at 15ml, so will last for a long time. A quick tip is to keep your eye cream in the fridge to keep it cool.  Get yours here: Valo Vitamin C Bright Eyes All-in-One Eye Treatment

Lumene review for Lahde make up cleanser

Lähde Hydrating Pure Arctic Miracle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water


Lähde Hydrating Pure Arctic Miracle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water uses arctic spring water for its low mineral content. This make up remover can be used with a cotton disc, simply wipe the make up off. There is no need to wash your face afterwards. I was pleased to discover that this make up remover also get rid of waterproof mascara. My eyes have always been easily watery and I’ve always had to use waterproof mascara. Finding a good make up remover hasn’t been easy., so this is a great find. 

It takes off make up very well, leaving no residue behind. I still always feel like I want to wash my face with water, so have done so with this product as well. It leaves the skin soft and it does not feel too dry afterwards. I have a very dry skin type and most water or gel textures are not suitable. The cleanser comes in several sizes and has a very light pleasant fragrance. Overall another lovely product.  Get yours here: LAHDE [SOURCE OF HYDRATION] by Lumene Pure Arctic Miracle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water 250ml

Lumene review for hydrating mask

Lähde Hydration Recovery Gel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid


The last product in my Lumene review is a facial mask. Lähde Hydration Recovery Gel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid has as the name suggest a gel type of texture. It contains ingredients to hydrate the skin, such as the birch sap and spring water.  I am always up to trying a new mask as I do use them every week. This mask felt cooling when first applied to the skin. Afterwards I felt tingling on the skin, which made it feel stimulated. After removing the mask the skin looked smooth and bright. 

I would use this mask possibly after too much sun or on a hot day to cool the skin. I could also use ti after my cleansing mask to hydrate the skin. The only thing I did not like about this product was its strong fragrance. I am quite sensitive to smells as I work with them, so for me this mask scent was a bit overpowering. Otherwise the feel and the results on the skin condition were great. This mask comes in 150ml pot and as you don’t need to use large quantity, it will last well. Overall I was very pleased.  Get yours here: Lähde Hydration Recovery Gel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid


Lumene was founded in Finland in 1948, so we can safely say it is a well established brand. In Finland it has always been popular and reminds so until today. The name stems from Lake Lummenne in Kuhmoinen, Finland. Lumene is moving forward with the times, but the main inspiration for the products comes from Finnish nature. This of course is important to me as I also use materials that are historically known for their healing properties. I believe the nature holds the key to balanced and healthy body. Read the Lumene Story

The current majority owner of the company is now based in London, which seems to be the case in many independent brands. It will give them capital to move forward and power in the ever competitive market. The products are minimum 80% natural, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. Lumene does not use parabens, mineral oil or other well known toxic ingredients. Lumene skincare is suitable for any age and can be a great add on to your skincare routine. Read about ageing beautifully tips for inspiration. 

Lumene review on skincare products

Lumene is a well established brand originating from Finland


Lumene uses a variety of natural power ingredients from Finnish nature. The water is pure spring arctic water from Lapland, which is known to be one of the purest. Many of the berry ingredients are used for their high antioxidant and vitamin contents. You can find cloudberry, lingonberry and other forest berry extracts in most products. These are popular and commonly used in Finnish kitchen, usually picked directly from the forest. Birch and pine trees used contain natural healing properties and have been used in Finnish skin and haircare for centuries.  It makes me very happy to see that these ingredients are so well utilised.  Read more about Lumene ingredients

It was great to think about my youth and first experiences in skincare and make up. Hope you enjoyed this Lumene review as well. Have you ever heard of them or tried any of their products? Please leave your comments below 

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