In this post i want to share some body care tips and how to look after yourself in a sedentary lifestyle. Humans lifestyle has changed tremendously in the past couple of hundred years or so. We used to grow or foods, walked more and spent more time outdoors. The traditional life of hunter gatherers are well and truly behind us. We don’t go to the forest or field to pick our foods, but have it conveniently delivered right on our doorstep. What we eat and how we live our lives is very different now than our grandparents lives. 

Some people don’t even cook anymore or eat any fresh foods. Everything can be bought ready made and easy. Walking and cycling to work has changed to travelling by car or public transportation.  Generally speaking our lifestyle has changed to much less active. We don’t move as much or get fresh air as much. Some people spend hardly any time outdoors. They go from home to office and back home again. Spending time outside and in the nature is important to our wellbeing. We need that connection to the earth, trees and blue skies to function properly.  Here are some simple body care tips for office workers.  


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body care tips for office workers
Stretching is a great way to help your body after a long day

Most people use computers daily or if not at least they use heir phones or tablets. The working position is most commonly sitting at the desk, staring the computer screen. When we focus on the task at hand we tend to pay less attention to out body posture. When sitting long periods of time arms and head forward can create many neck and back problems. Most people suffer from aches and pains for this reason. 

It is good to take a few moments every day to help your body to relax and recover. Stretching and getting regular massages can be a great help. In this post I want to share my top body care tips and some of my favourite tools to help you at home. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach and access certain points in the body where you feel the pain. Foam roller and spiky massage ball can be a great help. Some of my other favourite tools are the amazing acupressure mat and a simple yoga mat.  You can use these together or on their own. Try them out and see what works best for you.   


Foam roller is one of my favourite tools. Most people don’t actually use it at home, but have seen it at the gym used by trainers. It is versatile and you can use it in many ways in all parts of your body. I find it’s one of the best ways to open up the front of the body and stretch the arms and shoulders with.  You ca place it on the floor and lie on it vertically so that it goes along the spine. Drop your arms down to the sides of the body and move them slowly above your head and back again.

Because the roller lifts your body from the ground you can get a really nice stretch for the arms. You can just relax to it and there is no need to forcibly stretch. It is important to keep the front of your body open to prevent upper back ache. Usually when sitting on the desk all day, your arms are forward from your body and the check and shoulders can get tight. You the foam roller to straighten the back and stretch.

This article includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases to no cost to the customer. This helps me with the costs of running the website and ables me to continue sharing great content.


The foam roller is amazing for leg maintenance as well. It would be god to use it several times a week especially if you walk a lot or stand a lot. You can use it to roll your calves and thighs which can sometimes get quite tight and tired.  It can be quite painful at first if you are not used to it, but will get easier of=ver time. Start your rolling with a smooth surface tube. 

To roll your legs, simply sit on the floor and place the roller vertically under your calves. Gently rock the calves from one side to another and move the roller up and down. To get more pressure you can place one leg on top of the other. You can do the same lying sideways to roll the outside of your legs. To roll your thighs turn face down and lift your upper body with arms straight and place the roller under your thighs. Rock the body forwards and backwards to gently massage the front of the legs. See more rolling ideas and  get your foam roller here


Spiky massage ball gives you more targeted option and is better than tennis ball. It gives in less and has the spikes to give extra texture. If you feel like you have a trigger point on your back or foot you want to apply pressure on, it’s great. You can use on your feet as well as anywhere on the body. To roll your feet just place the ball under your foot when standing and roll. It is especially beneficial for tired feet and for anyone walking or standing a lot. 

You can use it on hamstrings by sitting on a chair and placing it under your bum or thigh. To target gluteus or specific ares on calves lie on the floor and place the ball in the target area. You can use your own body weight for pressure. I most often use it on my back and around my shoulder plates as well as the sides of the body. To roll your shoulder area, just lie on the floor on your back and roll the ball around the shoulder plates. To access the sides, lie on the floor sideways and place the ball in the desired area. You can move your body to find the perfect spot. Get your massage balls here

Yoga and meditation may help with marathon recovery

Even if you don’t practice yoga, having a yoga mat gives you a great surface to stretch. Sometimes the floor can be uncomfortable and the matt gives you a good grip as well as soft texture to lie on. You can do all your basic stretches on the mat as well as yoga if you wish. Actually, some of the yoga poses are great for posture, especially for someone using computer a lot. Get yours here


Acupressure mat is based on the ancient bed of nails. It’s just a modern version. I have had mine for years and years and I absolutely love it. It is amazing for tired body and works well for muscular aches and pains. The small needles do not pierce the skin, but are sharp enough to stimulate the circulation. It may be very painful when you first try it, but I think it’s because you are not used to it. The mind tells you to be aware, but I would highly recommend trying it out anyways. 

The acupressure mat can be used on any part of the body and you can even stand on it. I would recommend using the mat without clothes on for best results. Place the mat on the floor or on your bed and gently lie on it. If you feel pain, just give it a few moments, so your body has time to relax. Soon you will feel a warm wave flushing over your body. It is extremely relaxing and you can easily fall a sleep on it. You can buy the mat on its own or with a head pillow. Please note that f yo have any health conditions, please consult your doctor before using. Find yours here

Hope you enjoyed my body care tips for office workers. What do you like to use when treating your body at home? Please leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you

This article includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases to no cost to the customer. This helps me with the costs of running the website and ables me to continue sharing great content.