In this post I am sharing my top tips on blonde hair care and how to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Depending on how dark your natural hair is, the care may be more or less challenging. The bleach removes the colour from the hair and may make it dry and lifeless. If you go to a good hair dresser they should be able to bleach your hair safely. Your hair should still look healthy and lively. 

Blonde hair colour has always been popular and I am sure will remain so. Sometimes the trend is short and sometimes long, curly or straight, but it will always be popular. It is possible to achieve a lovely bright blonde colour, even in darker hair. You need and good hairdresser and appropriate home care matching your hair needs.  Check out these styles for inspiration.


I have always had fine hair type and fairly light hair colour. Since I have been getting older my hair has been getting darker and is now mousy blonde. To me it looks dull and dirty without highlights or colour. My grandmother told me to rinse my hair with chamomile tea, that’s how her hair stayed blonde until her 50s. That worked when I was younger, but now I have resorted to hairdressers to do my hair. I used to dye the hair completely blonde, but nowadays I prefer highlights. I feel it gives the hair natural sun-bleached look and suits me well. 



Hair is made from keratin, which is the same material as your nails, body hair  and eyelashes. It grows from the bulb and follicle up and the hair you see is actually dead material. The hair grows in cycles, so different hairs grow at different times. This is why for example permanent hair removal needs several sessions. Read more about the anatomy of hair and skin anatomy here

The hair growth and speed depends on your genes and can vary from person to person. Hair colour, just like the skin colour is determent by the pigment your body produces. There are several conditions and illnesses that may have an effect on your hair growth. Even some medications may change the hair condition. Most commonly known conditions are dandruff, boldness such as alopecia and folliculitis, inflammation of the follicles. Some conditions can be treated, but sometimes there is no known cure.    


The most common problem with having a blonde hair, especially bleached hair, is that it tends to look dry. As the colour is taken out of the hair, it may feel thinner and dryer than before. The hair you see is dead material, but you can still treat it with products to inject moisture. Use masks on a regular basis or make your own treatment with coconut oil and some stimulating essential oils, like rosemary, peppermint, thyme or cedarwood. 

You can apply vegetable oils such as argan oil at the ends of your hair if you get split ends easily. Try treatment products, like masks and sprays to see which ones work best for your hair type. Especially if your natural hair colour is dark, I would highly recommend using oils, treatment products and masks to keep the hair looking healthy.  


Using masks and oils to keep your hair moisturised helps to keep the hair looking healthy. To keep your hair bright and less yellow, try using toners between your colouring. You may not have the possibility to go to hair dressers every month or two. Toners are easy to use at home and can brighten the hair colour. They remove the yellow tones leaving the hair bright blond. 

Blonde hair care tips

Blonde hair care tips

Use silver shampoo every once in a while or as you see works best for your hair. Try leave on conditioner for extra protection. Some simple tips for blonde hair care and keeping your hair looking healthy and natural are: 

  • Use cold water as last rinse to close the cuticle cells. 
  • Avoid brushing your hair when wet. The hairs tend to stretch when wet and you may cause damage. 
  • Try squeezing or patting the hair dry and avoid rubbing with the towel. This helps to avoid tangle the hair. 
  • Try leave on treatments for extra hydration and protection. 
  • Use oils or other treatment products on the edge of the hair to avoid split ends. 
  • Use hair toners or blonde hair styling products between hair appointments to keep the yellow tones away
  • Choose styling products to match your hair type and style

There are several hair care products in the market and new are popping up every week. I have been using Pureology for a few years now and can highly recommend it. They have a variety of haircare products for different colour and hair types. Their blonde hair care range includes shampoos, conditioners and treatment masks. Try different product to find the perfect match for your hair type. 

I like to use the Perfect 4 Platinum silver shampoo to keep the yellow tones in check. I would alternate that with another shampoo to avoid greyness. The products are vegan and sulphate free, which make them a better alternative to most commercial hair care products. I also really like their leave on spray hair conditioner. It’s light and does not leave the hair looking greasy. It really is great if you are in a rush and don’t have time to apply other treatments. See the full range of Pureology

Pureplogy blonde hair care products

Pureplogy blonde hair care products

Choose styling products to suit your needs. Most of us have our own preference if we like to use gel, mousse, spray or something else. My current favourite is Schwarzkopf got2b 2sexy Hairspray. It has a delicate scent and super fine spray. The hair stays looking natural, but in style. You can also choose a styling product to enhance your hair colour.  

Hope you enjoyed my top tips for blonde hair care. Do you have your own favourites? Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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