It’s the beginning of the new year, so I thought it would be the best time to share some detox tips. January tends to be the most popular time for mini detox, especially after stuffing ourselves over the holidays. We all have our own tricks what we find works for our body, but these are some of the things I have used successfully. Depending of your preferences and lifestyle see what would be suitable for you and maybe give it a try.

I, myself tend to eat quite a lot of vegetables and fruits anyways, but if I want to do a mini detox I stay away from all animal products. It’s also good to reduce the amount of dairy and gluten, especially wheat. Try to stick to pure plant materials and cook everything from scratch if at all possible. This way you will know exactly what’s in your food. I would also avoid alcohol and sugar whenever possible.  

Detox is not for losing weight, even though this could be one of the results. I would like to think of it as giving your body’s digestive system a rest. Vegetable based diet is lighter on the body and easier for your digestive system to process. Avoiding alcohol also gives your liver and other internal organs a break. I would recommend keeping the lighter diet for four to six weeks to feel the full benefits. You will feel lighter, more energised and your skin will glow healthily. Overall you feel better in yourself and your body will thank you for it.

Follow plant based diet during your detox

My top detox tips for diet would be to avoid any animal based products. Swop your diary to alternatives, there are many on the market nowadays. Reduce your coffee intake and opt for cleansing herbal teas or other drinks instead.

Cook your food from raw ingredients is my next detox tips. Swap your animal products to beans and lentils and experiment on vegetables. Eat fresh fruits or nuts for snacks and try soups or salads for lunch. Try adding herbs and spices for your cooking to bring out the full flavours. Another detox tips is to avoid processed foods, such as pasta and rice. If these are your favourites, try wholegrain options instead. They are easier for your digestive system. Some of my favourite detox books are Carol Vordermans cook books. They contain simple recipes with easy to find ingredients. Check out my favourite healthy cooking books review

Remember to hydrate your body

One of the most important detox tips include keeping your body well hydrated. This is important to your body’s functions and keeps your skin clear. Your digestive system works best when your body is hydrated properly. My favourite thing to do is to start my day first thing with a big glass of water. This will kick start your metabolism. You will not drink over night, so are already dehydrated in the morning.

Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to sip and drink herbal teas instead of coffee. I love peppermint and fennel teas best during my detox. You can add peppermint leaves, lemon slices and ginger to your daily water to give it some flavour. 


If it’s your first time doing a cleanse, one of my top detox tips would be to add supplements to help your body. You may experience headaches and tiredness at first and they will help you. My favourites to use during detox are spirulina, kelp and multivitamins.  I find that they helped me when I first started doing my yearly cleanse. Check out The Organic Pharmacy  and Bioglan supplements to get you started.

Dry brushing aids your cleanse

Dry brushing your skin is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system. This will help your skin to stay glowing and I would recommend doing it daily. Lymphatic system is one way your body cleanses itself and important to your wellbeing. The cleanse is the perfect time to get the skin in good condition, ready for the summer. If you’re not into dry brushing, try bath mitts to scrub your skin in the shower or bath. That also helps your skin by removing dead skin cells and aiding the lymphatic system. 

Another one of my detox tips includes massage. It’s a great way of getting rid of excess fluids and smooth out any cellulite. You can do self massage on the legs or go for full body massage to your regular massage therapist. Massage is a great way to release tension and help your body to cope with any detox symptoms. 

Hydrate your skin with oils or moisturiser after your brushing or bathing. You can use the oils to massage the body encouraging the removal of excess fluids. If you do your dry brushing and massaging during your cleanse for four weeks, you will definitely see visible results. Your skin will be glowing and looking and feeling smooth. It’s the perfect way to get your legs ready for the summer. 

Keep your body moving for great energy levels

My final detox tips would be to get enough exercise. Outdoors would be the best option if possible. Fresh air will make you feel better, both physically and mentally. It will give you energy and your body will feel light and strong. 

Try a brisk walk first thing in the morning or perhaps opt for walking to work instead of taking the bus or train. Sweating properly will help your body to cleanse and it’s good for your body system as well. There’s quite nothing like the feeling after a good gym session or run and a fresh shower afterwards.  

Follow these detox tips for four to six weeks and feel your body stronger and more energised. Your skin will be glowing and you will be looking healthier than ever. Read more tips for glowing skin

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Do you do a cleanse on a regular basis? Do you have any favourite detox tips? I would love to hear them, please leave your comments below. 

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