Living Energy Review

Living Energy Review
Living Energy review, Bio ceramica products

This is a Living Energy review for ENAg stick and Tri Disc. These products are made from clay sourced from magical Japan. You can use them to purify your drinks and foods. They work in a similar way than the popular charcoal products. As you may know the water and food quality is getting worse due to environmental factors and ever increasing human population. Our lifestyle has an affect on nature as we contribute to pollution and air quality. 

It’s no wonder that products like Living Energy are increasing in popularity as we are looking for way to improve the quality of our drinks and food. We are becoming more aware of the lifestyle we are living and are looking for natural solutions. You can also read about plastic and other problems daily on social media and news. Living Energy wants to bring these simple tools to improve our lifestyle and health in a natural way. 

Living Energy products are made from Japanese clay

Living Energy review for ENAg stick and Tri Disc 

I have been using the Living Energy stick and disc for the past few months now. I use the stick the same way I would use a spoon. I stir my coffee and other drinks with it and I also use it on my food. The disc is perfect for fruits and other small size things. I have also used it on essential oils and other oils. The products are easy to use as you can just place the drinks and other foods on the disc or use the stick to stir. Living Energy also sells small pellets you can just keep in your water jug. 

From my own experience I can say that the taste of water and other drinks is softer after using the stick. Obviously I am unable to say if the material is purer as I have not been able to test them. The smell of essential oils also is softer after placing them on the disc. You can also use the stick easily when cooking. The products look stylish and make perfect gifts for someone who is interested in healthy living  They are made to high quality standards and I have not seen any wear on the products I have been using. 

Other products in the range include ENAg cord with can be used in the garden or flower pots. ENAg net is a product that is perfect for fridge keeping the food. The raw foods last longer and stay firmer with strong flavour. The sticks are available also in Peruvian silver with four different designs. The latest products added to the range are bath salts and bath powder. These both contain the magical powdered clay.  

Use Living Energy products to improve your drink and food quality

How does it work?

Living Energy products are made with clay from Mount Ena region in Japan and glazed with a compound of minerals. This material is then made into a pellet or disc shape. Improving your water and food quality will improve your health and wellbeing. The products also help to keep the raw materials fresher and testier. 

Living Energy says: 

“The interaction between clay and mineral glaze makes the ceramic ‘smart’. It has a special ability to excite the micro structure of water via far-infrared energy. When Bio Ceramica is applied to water or other substances it stimulates the energy of the water molecules. This helps to achieve energetic equilibrium and reduce impurities.“

About Japanese healthy living

As you may know Japanese people are some of the healthiest in the world and are the longest living nation. This is a result of of several lifestyle factors. We mostly talk about food and its simplicity and high quality. Japanese people eat lot of fish and food is made from fresh ingredients. They also eat smaller portions , but more often. 

Japanese are the longest living nation with long traditions in healthy living

Japan has natural springs which are a popular for everyone. They are believed to be beneficial to your overall health. Japanese lifestyle is still quite traditional, even though things are changing. Natural health is still the base for heathy living. Japanese respect the connection to the nature and meditation as a practice is popular. Probably the most popular drink is green tea (alongside of sake of course) and fish and other seafood are eaten often. Read more about Japanese health trends

About Living Energy

Living Eenrgy is a small independent company based in London. It was founded in 1994 by Hiroshi Kato and John Gaydon. The company vision is to bring natural healthy living products to consumers. Living Energy is committed to sharing their philosophy of living healthy lifestyle in resonance with nature. 

Check out the Living Energy website for all product details and remeber to connect with the on Twitter and Instagram

**This Living Energy review is a  sponsored post in co-operation with Living Energy. All opinions are my own**

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