Haute Florist Review

Haute florist review antique elegance bouquet
Haute florist review antique elegance bouquet review

This is a Haute Florist review for Antique Elegance bouquet. I had the opportunity to review a flower bouquet from their flower collection and I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love flowers? Especially roses. They always bring joy to your home and you don’t even need a special occasion to buy some. Obviously they make a great gifts and are easily delivered directly to your special someone. I chose the Antique Elegance bouquet as I love the soft pink colours and I think it would suit my home perfectly. 

Haute Florist review for Antique Elegance bouquet

I was lucky enough to get the large size bouquet and I have to say it was beautiful. The antique elegance bouquet is soft coloured selection of roses, tulips and carnations flowers. All tied together with a Haute Florist ribbon and some greens. Each bouquet may be slightly different depending on seasonal availability. The bouquet is delivered free of charge, next day to your chosen address. 

Haute florist review
You will get care instructions and a gift voucher with your order

The flowers lasted really well and kept fresh looking for couple of weeks. In my opinion the flowers were really high quality and I would happily order a bouquet from Haute Florist for my special someone. The bouquet was really big in size, so would also work well for someone looking for high quality flowers for their flower drying or other craft project. With the bouquet you will get a care instructions leaflet and a £5 voucher towards your next order.   

Get the extras

After choosing your favourite flowers or plants from the Haute Florist collection it’s time to add some extras. What’s a little bit different with Haute Florist is that you can order some with your bouquets. You can also choose from three different sizes for your bouquet. Pick your extras from a vase, teddy bear, chocolate, some drinks, candle or a cake. I think this is a great idea. And all easily delivered to the persons home address together with the flowers.  A perfect gift for anyone and in my opinion all with a very reasonable price. 

Haute florist review
Haute Florist Antique Elegance bouquet is beautiful with pink tones
How to look after your flowers?

There are a few simple tips on how to look after your flowers. Makes sure the water is clean and fresh and remember to remove any dead leaves. Trim the stems every couple of days by 2-3cm by cutting them under water. Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight and hot radiators. By following these simple steps you will keep your bouquet fresh and nice looking for several weeks. 

Preserving flowers and Flower drying

Drying your flowers is a great way to use them in other projects. You can also create displays or use them as decorations or even in gifts. Drying roses is simple in the old fashion way, just by having them upside down. If you are willing to see a bit more effort you can really preserve dry flowers beautifully. You should start the drying process when the flowers are still looking fresh. 

Antique Elegance review
The antique elegance bouquet is soft coloured selection of roses, tulips and carnation

There are a few different methods for drying flowers apart from hanging, you should try and experiment for best option for you. You can use salt, sand or heat in the process.. For hanging start the by separating the flowers to individual pieces. This way they will look nice and don’t get tangled up to each other. Remove the leaves from the stems and hang the flowers upside down. You can place them on a hanger or rope by using thread. Keep them away from the sun in a well ventilated area for three to four weeks. For other ideas check out these great five methods for inspiration 

About Haute Florist

Haute Florist has a collection of gorgeous flower bouquets, hat boxes with flowers and plants for you to choose from. You can choose from three sizes on the bouquets and add some extras to your delivery. The plants are baskets and also look really nice and classy. Haute Florist prides itself with high quality products which are sourced from around the world. The free next day UK delivery is available seven days a week, which is perfect for last minute gifts. 

Check out the Haute Florist website for all flower options and remember to connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

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**This Haute Florist review is a  sponsored post in co-operation with Haute Florist. All opinions are my own**

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