Best Natural Immune Boosters

best immune boosters
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In this post I share some of my favourite and, in y opinion, best natural immune boosters. I am all about maintaining a good balance and everything in moderation lifestyle. I like to cook my food, which helps me to know what I am putting into my body. I use variety of ingredients and try to eat mostly plat based diet. I have also given up sugar, except the occasional chocolate, for almost two years ago. I have never been a great fan of dairy products, so giving them up has never been a struggle for me. Overall I try to eat a balanced diet, which helps me to maintain a good overall health. This in return helps me to stay healthy and I hardly ever catch any colds or flu. 

It’s good to remember that if you decide to totally change your diet and lifestyle it takes time to see the affects. The body takes its time renew and reboot, before you see boost in your overall health. Giving up things like coffee or sugar may in fact make you feel tired. I would encourage you to cook at least majority of your foods. This helps you to make sure you will feed your body with healthy options. Having a good health base helps you to cope better, even if you decide to indulge every once in a while.  

Best natural immune boosters

Broccoli and other green foods

Broccoli is really a superfood and should be part of your diet when looking natural immune boosters. It is packed with minerals and vitamins and has countless of health benefits. It’s delicious both raw and cooked and makes a delicious soup. Try using it instead of pasta or potatoes or use it as a side dish. Broccoli is a great healthy and low calorie choice for your kitchen. 

natural immune boosters
Broccoli is the real superfood

Other green vegetables are in general also good for you. We all know about spinach as the Popeye’s favourite food for strength,““I’m strong to the finish, cause I eats me spinach”. It is also delicious raw, try adding it to your salads or cook for side dish.  Remember to also try Brussels sprouts, cabbage and the current fashion food kale. Try using these options instead of the rugger rice or pasta.   Check out my healthy cook book review for ideas

Spices for immune boost

Spices are one of the loveliest way to add some natural immune boosters to your diet. They add gorgeous flavours to your cooking and can be used in drinks as well. One of the best know spices for health is turmeric. Add it to your foods for delicious flavour. I also love using cinnamon in my porridge and sometimes in my coffee. Strong spices add heat to your body, so try adding chillies and cayenne pepper to your cooking over cold winter months. Ginger, turmeric and cinnamon work really well in drinks as well. Add to your herbal tea blend for some heat.  

One of the ultimate natural immune boosters is of course garlic. Choose organic where possible and eat raw or use in your cooking. It is known to be natures antioxidant and has been used for thousands of years. It is of course also delicious, even though you can sometimes smell it in the breath the next day. Garlic is definitely one of my top choices if I feel run down  I have been using it as long as I can remember. If I feel a cold coming, I slice it raw on bread and eat as it is. Delicious! 

Berries and fruits

Berries and fruits are great add on to your natural immune boosters list. They are easy to eat throughout the day as healthy snacks. Perfect for keeping your blood sugar levels in check. You can also dry them, especially apple slices taste delicious dried. Carry a small box of berries with you to snack for extra vitamins.  Berries are well know for their health benefits. They are low in calories, water rich and packed with vitamins and minerals. Berries are also small and easy to carry with you. 

Citrus fruits are crispy and fresh and also have a positive sunny energy. Try oranges, grape fruit or mandarins as a snack and slice lemon or lime for your drinks. The citrus fruits can also be used in your cooking. The juices give a fabulous flavour.  I find I carve oranges especially during dark winter months for their sunny energy and crispy flavour. Perfect for uplifting the mood. 

Seeds and nuts

Nuts and seeds make a great snack option. I like to add seeds to my porridge and salads as well as use them in cooking. Unfortunately I have a nut allergy, so usually try to avoid them nowadays. Nuts and seeds are tasty and healthy option for on the go snack. I find that especially seeds are also great for my digestive system, being high in fibre. 

Try cashews and almonds for lower calorie option. Keep a small box or bag with you to snack throughout the day. Remember nuts can be high in calories and fats, so keep the amount you eat in control and choose unprocessed and unsalted options where possible. 

Herbal teas and tinctures

I use herbal remedies on regular r basis to boost my immune system. I’m nor a big fan of standard black tea, but do love herbal teas. It’s fun to make and try your own blends and you can mix in spices as well. My favourite way to use herbs is in teas and foods, but I do occasionally use tinctures as well. Some of the herbs I use for natural immune boosters are elderberry, echinacea, rooibos, liquorice, lemon balm, turmeric, and ginger. You can add some organic honey if you feel your tea isn’t sweet enough. Spice up your drink with a pinch of turmeric or cinnamon.  

You can use herbal tinctures for natural immune boosters just by adding some on your water. If you carry a bottle with you, try adding some and drink throughout the day. Herbal tinctures can be used in cold or hot drinks. They are preserved in alcohol, so be mindful of not driving too much, so it doesn’t make you tired. Remember, often less is more and you only really need about a teaspoon three times a day. 

Lifestyle choices for immune boost

There are some lifestyle choices you can make for overall wellbeing. Getting enough good quality sleep is very important for your health. Nighttime is the time for your body to recover from the day and sleep and rest can never be underrated. Getting enough fresh air and exercise has an impact on your sleep quality and wellness. If possible try to go to the forest, beach or other nature spots for the important connection to nature. The air quality is also the best outside the city. 

Eating mainly fresh balanced vegetarian diet and avoiding excess amount of sugar, alcohol, tobacco and over indulgence are key. This makes great foundation to healthy body and mind. Make sure you keep your body well hydrated with water and fruits and vegetables. Add a short mediation moment for your day can reduce stress. This can be just five minutes, to bring your awareness to your body. A great way to start a day. Make sure you give yourself breaks every once in a while. Have a massage or facial to relax or book a weekend away. 

Hope you enjoyed my tips on natural immune boosters. What are your methods of naturally healing your body? Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you. Want to read more? Check out my post about ageing beautifully. 

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