Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to create an personalised blend for you treatment. Essential oils are made from different plant materials, for example bark, resin, grass, leaves or twigs of a tree, berries, seeds, fruits or blossoms.

Essential oils have both physiological and psychological properties and are a great way to treat the body and mind in a natural, gentle way. Our sense of smell can have a powerful effect triggering memories and emotions. Traditional aromatherapy massage is all about the oils and focus is on relaxation. We have created some beautiful scents for you to choose from, but bespoke blends are also available upon request.

Aromatic Rose

Rose is said to be the queen of flowers and this blend is perfect for relaxation. The gorgeous rose is blended with other flower oils like ylang ylang and geranium. Warming cardamom is added to the blend making it sweet and delicious. Perfect blend for anyone loving flowers looking for relaxation.


Aromatic Marjoram

This blend is especially suitable for the hard working body or anyone living an active life. Marjoram has beneficial properties for muscular aches and tension and this blend includes other herbal and spice oils like lavender, rosemary and black pepper making it fresh and uplifting. This aromatherapy blend is made with arnica infused oils making it a perfect treatment for recovery.

Aromatic Rosewood

Rosewood like all woody oils is fantastic when you are looking to switch off and escape for a moment. This blend is made with other woody scented oils like frankincense, sandalwood and spikenard. It is grounding and gives a connection to the nature, making it perfect treatment for anyone suffering from exhaustion, anxieties or stress.

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