We use natural materials in our treatments, including clay, mud, flower waters, plant extracts, essential -and vegetable oils alongside of organic skin care range. Please ask skincare advice and product recommendations for your skin.


Holistic beauty facial treatment is a general maintenance skin treatment when there are no specific requirements, but you are looking for some cleanse, tone, glow and hydration. The treatment is relaxing and suitable for any skin type, but especially recommended for sensitive skin.

This beauty facial treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask, face, neck and arm massage with hydration at the end of treatment. The products used during the treatment depend on your skin type and are decided during the consultation at the beginning of the treatment.

beauty facials in Marylebone

Beauty facials in Marylebone


Facial rejuvenation is also known as a natural facelift massage. The focus of this treatment is all about rejuvenation, toning and lifting of the skin and muscles. This facial treatment uses specific massage techniques to rejuvenate by releasing tension held in the face over time. Facial rejuvenation treatment is very relaxing and visible results may include softening of ageing lines and skin texture, fresher looking and glowing skin and increase on muscle tone. Regular treatments are needed for long lasting results.

This beauty facial treatment is suitable for any skin type, but especially recommended for anyone worried about the signs of ageing. You may also find help from this treatment for tension headaches or heaviness on the head or sinuses due to the long massage helping the lymphatic system on the face.

This beauty facial treatment includes cleanse, gentle exfoliation, massage without oils, massage with oils and hydration at the end of the treatment.

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