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Back cleanse body treatment
Back cleanse treatment

Back cleanse is essentially a facial treatment for the back. This is a hard reached area and sometimes difficult to cleanse properly. Some people may suffer from problematic skin on the back, which can include spots or blackheads in the area. 

This is a perfect treatment when getting ready for an event and using an open back outfit. This treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions if needed, warm mud mask, massage and moisturise.


According to Thai medical theory sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are rooted on the sole of the foot. Furthermore, Thai foot massage is believed to be good for stimulating activity of the internal organs. It uses hands, fingers and a wooden stick with specially blended oils or cream. This treatment is especially recommended to anyone who suffers from tired legs.

The massage is done up to the knee together with massage balm or a lotion. It encourages the blood circulation of the legs and is refreshing and revitalising treatment. This is a perfect treatment for anyone working on their feet or standing long periods of time. Getting regular foot massages alongside of appropriate rest time can simnifically help with tired feet.


The modern age ear candling is based on the native American and Indian traditional ear candling treatment. The aim is to gently warm and stimulate ear’s natural cleansing process. Burning the ear candles, which are made from cotton, beeswax and infused with herbs is a relaxing treatment which includes the ear candles, followed by a neck, face and head massage. 

This is a perfect treatment for anyone suffering from blocked nose, sinuses and head tension. The massage will gently stimulate the lymphatic and respiratory systems and results may include release in tension, unblock nose or ears and release in sinus pressure. It can may help people who fly a lot and suffer from head pressure as a result.