anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJuly 2018. New blog post! We all love chocolate in some form, some like it mixed with nuts or fruits, some like light and sweeter, some dark and bitter. There is something for everyone. Chocolate makes a lovely desert, treat or even a skincare product. I love chocolate flavour with coffee, strawberries and mint. I also love the scent of chocolate in general. As we are celebrating World Chocolate Day this week, I thought it would be appropriate to write about it.


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJune 2018. New blog post is now available. I wanted to share a few of my favourite recipe books with you to inspire you to try new things. Cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming, most of the time simple recipes are tasty and definitely more healthy than ready made meals. I hope you will enjoy them! Check out my favourite cook books


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJune 2018. New blog post is now available. The summer is here! The sun is shining and there’s a heatwave in London showering us with beautiful and powerful sun rays. The sunshine is the best source for vitamin D and most of us living in dark countries are always lacking it and have to take supplements. Read about sun and skincare


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJune 2018. New blog post is now available. Summer is officially here which is the season for parties, celebrations and weddings. You want to make sure you start your beauty preparations early for best results. The best accessories are always a glowing skin and shiny hair. Read the full post


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJune 2018. I recently wrote a guest post for Real Mom Blog about glowing summer skin. Read the post



anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsJune 2018. New blog post now available. The beauty treatments are not just for women, men are becoming  interested in  beauty treatments.  One of the fastest growing beauty and skincare markets are the mens products and treatments. Men are becoming more concerned about their looks, ageing and skin conditions. Read the full post


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsMay 2018. New blog post is now available. What does your skin say about you? Quite often we have specific area on our skin that tend to get the spots or wrinkles. According to Chinese belief the answers can be found on facial reflexology. Read the full post 

5star-reviewMay 2018. I received a beautiful feedback e-mail from my client today:  “Thank you for the two most relaxing, rejuvenating and de-stressing hours. It was a pure bliss and your hands ARE magical…. when I arrived, my legs were hurting all over so much, that I couldn’t find comfortable position on the massaging table, but as you started to work your magic, the pain slowly disappeared and I was relaxing more and more. By the end of the facial, I was in heaven.  And the pain hasn’t come back although I had been walking even more in the afternoon and I know I will have a restful night as well.

Thank you also for the beautiful bracelet. I can’t resist touching it and looking at it all the time. It is precious as it reminds me of you and of your kind heart. I will wear it on my holiday constantly. I hope I can wear it at night as well. I do not want to part with it. It feels so right on my hand……”


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsMay 2018. New blog post is now available. Clays power from the mother earth and amazing for skincare. They are widely available and affordable option for skincare masks. You can use them in your facial or body care or haircare products, but they are also used for cleansing practices internally for their detoxifying properties. Read the full post


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsMay 2018. We have just updated our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I will make sure to answer them as well as possible. Check out the privacy policy


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsMay 2018. New blog post is now available. Flower waters, also knows as hydrosols or hydrolates are great add on material to your natural skincare routine. They are totally natural and very affordable. Learn how to use natural flower waters in your skincare.  Check out the blog post here


anuuk-aromatic-skincare-newsMay 2018. Treatment packages are now available! Facial care bootcamp for anyone looking to kickstart their facial care or preparing for special occasion. Cellulite buster for anyone suffering from fluid retention or cellulite. Check them out here