Are you getting ready for a big day or celebration and feel like you want to get the glow back? Have you been neglecting your skin and want to get back into a routine? Do you feel you are looking tired and your skin needs some attention? Are you looking to learn how to look after your skin with right products? 

Anuuk Aromatic Skincare offers a facial care bootcamp which includes four 60 minute  facial treatments targeting your specific needs, facial care product package for your skin type, product recommendations  and home care advice. It is recommended to have the facial treatments weekly for the best results.  

Why four weeks? Your skin grows and renews itself for approximately every four weeks. Four week treatment cycle will give you the best results for completely renewed skin. After the bootcamp it is recommended to keep up a weekly mini facial routine or monthly professional treatment to keep the skin in check and in good condition. 

What is included?

  • Four 60 minute facial treatments, bespoke to your needs
  • 50min personalised facial oil  
  • Skincare advice
  • Product recommendations   

Have any questions? Please drop me an email with your questions to

Cellulite massage and detox

Cellulite massage in Marylebone


Are you looking to get ready for the bikini or swimsuit season? Do you feel you can’t massage the problem areas properly yourself? Do you feel you have excess fluid in your body? Detox and cellulite massage uses manual techniques to release excess fluid and break down the cellulite in problem areas. The treatment package includes four treatments and a treatment oil for home use. It is recommended to have the treatments weekly for best results. Home care is highly recommended to aid the fluid retention and cellulite reduction.  Read about detox and cellulite massage

What is included?

  • Four 60 minute detox and cellulite massages
  • 100ml treatment oil
  • Home care advice

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