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There is a fabulous new Manga exhibition at the British Museum in London. If you are interested in this Japanese form of art I would highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to be I invited to view this beautiful event and I was really excited about it. I visited Japan some years ago as my brother was living and working there, so I feel like I have a special connection to Japan. I just love the Japanese style and attention to details in everything they do. Everything is always made with great care and love. This short review is very much image rich, as I find it best brings the exhibition to life. 

Manga exhibition, visit British Museum

There is a way to read and understand Manga

There are several styles to Manga

What is Manga?

Manga is the beautiful Japanese art form of comics and graphic novels. This style has developed over thousands of years. The earliest “comics” are said to date all the way back the 12th century. There is a specific way to read and understand manage. It has nowadays become famous worldwide and vastly growing in popularity.  

Astro boy Manga

Astro boy Manga is one of the most known Manga characters

manga exhibition London

The exhibition has commentary from the artists

You can find manage now translated to other languages as well. The styles are varied and most popular characters are well recognised. Pokemon is probably the best known Manga series around the world. People of all ages read Manga and there are manga specifically for adults as well. In Japan you can find bookstores dedicated to Manga with endless rows of books and styles. Most consist series of stories in books. If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, I highly recommend checking them out. Read more about the history of Manga

manga si for everyone

Manga is for everyone, explore and find your own favourite style

Manga adventure

In Manga anything is possible

About the Manga exhibition

This exhibition is all abut Manga. You can find lots of information about the history of manga and view different styles and artists. The area is beautifully laid out in Manage style. It’s clear, rich, well lit colourful and easy to navigate. Numerous Manga artists are featured with their commentary as well as informational signs about Manga culture. 

Manga exhibition London

The exhibition is beautiful and stylish just like all things Japanese

This really is the go to exhibition to anyone interested in Japanese culture, manga or art. In my opinion Manga truly is an art form as all the drawings are detailed and beautiful. Take a trip to magical imaginary world where anything is possible with this gorgeous Manga exhibition. This is the largest Manga exhibition taking place outside of Japan. The exhibition is open until 26th of August 2019..

There are several styles to Manga

The exhibition is clear, bright, colourful and beautiful

Visiting British Museum

British Museum is one of the top locations to visit when in London. The main areas of the museum are free to visit. There are some special exhibitions which charge an entrance fee. It is conveniently situated in the central London. The nearest tube stations are Russell Square, Goodge Street and Holborn. I sometimes go to British museum just to walk around and enjoy all the various exhibitions. 

manga exhibition

The exhibition is beautiful and rich. Explore and find your favourite style

Living in London gives me the chance to just pop in quickly so it does not get overwhelming. The museum is full of history, art and interesting information. It’s probably most famous for its mummies and Egyptian department, but there is plenty to see. Be aware that there may be a longish queue because of the security checks. It does go pretty quickly, so don’t panic! This is definitely one of the must see places when in London. 

Manga Exhibition Details:

Open 23 May – 26 August 2019

Museum open daily 10am – 5.30pm


Adults £19.50

16-18 years £16

Students £16

Under 16 Free

Visit British Museum Website

Check the details of Manga Exhibition

Are you familiar with Manga? Do you have your favourite comics or characters? Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you

manga exhibition London

Traditional manga is in black and white

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