Skincare of ancient Egypt

I have always been interested in history and ancient healing materials and methods We are always looking for the latest technology and ingredients, but forget that there is some magic in the ancient cultures and traditions. When it comes to skincare I am somewhat obsessed about the ancient Egyptians and the materials they used for the embalming process. The fact that their mummies have survived well preserved to the modern day says to me that they were on to something. Oils, spices and plant materials were widely used then are still available today and I would like to inspire you to try some of them and perhaps take a trip down to ancient Egyptian knowledge and culture.  

There were several methods to the embalming process and quite often it depended on what materials the person could afford were then used. In this post I am sharing some of the materials that were traditionally used in the embalming process by ancient Egyptians. I know some do not want to think about death and bodies, but I would encourage you to read more and I am hoping I can inspire you to perhaps also look into your own county’s history and traditional methods and materials for natural healing and health care ideas. Read the full post

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