Winter Beauty trends

Autumn Winter beauty trends

Every year there are some topics that come up as the current season beauty trends. So what are people currently talking about in the beauty industry? What are the winter beauty trends for 2018-19 season? This year one of the most talked about topics have been cruelty free and vegan beauty -and skin care. This is because the world is waking up to the environmental issues more than ever and becoming aware of the results of the choices we make.  Almost daily you can read the news or if you follow social media, these are some of the main topics featured.

People are also starting to pay attention to the food resources. Veganism and vegetarism are becoming popular and plant based diet is one the choices you can make to reduce animal farming and need for meat. We are also talking about choosing organic ingredients where possible. These are popular topics and have become almost a fashion in the past couple of years. This year it feels like these topics are more popular than ever. We can definitely say this is one of the current winter beauty trends.

Another winter beauty trend that is heavily showing up at the social media is Korean beauty. These are products that have hot the western market from South Korea in the past few years. They focus on light skin tone and hydration. Korean beauty has become one of the most talked about beauty trends for this year. 


What does it mean to be cruelty free? Cruelty free products are made from ingredients that have not been tested on animals. This includes all materials in the products which quite often are plant based. Animal testing has been a common practice in the cosmetic industry to test the safety of ingredient. This means placing the products or material on for example animal eyes, skin or ears to see if they have a reaction to it.  The animals are usually killed afterwards. The materials are then used in cosmetics and other household items such as cleaning products, clothes, shoes and even candles. 

Winter beauty trends cruelty free

Cruelty free beauty is against animal testing

There are several organisations in the world which have been campaigning against cruelty free such as well known American PETA and Cruelty Free International. By choosing brands that are committed to using cruelty free ingredients you can support cruelty free lifestyle. In Europe the brands can apply for the leaping bunny certification for their products. This helps the consumer to know the products are not tested on animals.  It is important to understand that cruelty free does not necessarily  mean the product is natural or vegan. They may still include man made materials which have not been tested on animals. You can definitely add cruelty free to your winter beauty trends.

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What does vegan mean? Veganism lifestyle has become ever more popular as people are looking to make more environmentally friendly choices. Vegan lifestyle avoids the use of any animal products in all products. These include clothing, diet, beauty and make up. Cruelty free is also often a part of vegan lifestyle.

In skincare vegan products are becoming more and more popular and this is definitely one of the winter beauty trends. People read the labels to make sure the ingredients are safe and environmentally friendly.  Consumers are more educated about ingredients and all natural products are becoming popular. Vegan products does not always mean only natural, so it is good to read the labels, if this is something that is important to you.  I recently wrote about my favourite vegan hair care brand Pureology. You can read about it here

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What is K-beauty or Korean beauty? Some of the Asian countries ideal beauty is a beautiful, flawless, smooth and white skin. I remember when I visited Japan some years ago, almost all skincare products had some whitening ingredients in them. The porcelain doll look is very popular and the focus is on skin condition. Looking great without any make up on, glowing and healthy. Results are focused on hydration, sun protection and general condition of the skin. 

Winter beauty trends Korean beauty

Korean beauty is one of the beauty trends this year

The ingredients in Korean beauty are mostly nature based, but may include things like snail slime. Some of the natural ingredients include aloe vera, birch sap and botanical extracts.  Science plays a big part in the product development and the wrinkle free, glowing healthy looking, white skin is the goal. Product development is in high demand and unique material combinations are used. K-beauty is best known for skincare products, especially the treatment masks. Another option to choose from winter beauty trends.

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One of the ingredients that has been featuring heavily this year is the charcoal. We are specifically talking about activated charcoal which is different to well known burnt material. Firstly it was featured in capsules and drinks as a detoxifying agent and later in facial masks for deep cleanse. There are a variety of products in the market, mainly focused on skincare and beauty products. There are drinks, capsules, masks, exfoliators and soaps. Something for everyone.  


The black light, odourless powder is made by burning plant materials, such as wood in high temperature and then oxidised. This activates the material by removing absorbed molecules. It is most commonly used for poisoning, as it absorbs the toxins.  It’s good to be aware that there isn’t any scientific evidence for its detoxifying properties and it should be used internally with caution. Because it absorbs the toxins, it may also absorb vital vitamins and minerals. Using charcoal tablets when travelling and suffering from food poisoning is a great option, but it is not for every day use. Read more about activated charcoal and its benefits

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Each year and season there are styles and colours that seem to be trending. The same colours that are trending in interior design seem to be trending on make up this year. Grey, silver and sparkles seem to be popular. I guess we need some glitter for the dark winter days. I have also seen some influence from the 80s with colour mascaras and gold shimmering eyeshadows. 

Winter beauty trends make up colours

Strong eyes and red lips are trending this year

Winter beauty trends make up colours

Autumn winter key make up colour

The eyeliner remains popular as well as powerful red lipstick.  The no-make up make up alongside of dark punk style eyes guarantee that there is something for everyone. Healthy looking glowing skin is always in style so make sure your skin stays in good condition. That is the base for any make up style. Try metallic eyeshadows or blue mascara with simple plain eye make up. Use glitter generously on the eyes, cheeks or décolleté. Jewels can be used in the eyebrows, eyes or cheeks. Check out these hair and make up trends for inspiration  and read my top tips for healthy looking, glowing skin.

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Hope you enjoyed these winter beauty trends and it has inspire you to try something new. Make sure you also check the winter lifestyle trends and tips . Read about winter healthy living ideas for inspiration to enjoy the best winter. 

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