Winter Health Trends

winter health trends

This year has been really interesting when it comes to winter health trends. There has been a surge of cannabis based products in the market you really can not miss it. This has definitely been the biggest winter health trend I’ve seen for a very long time. It is somewhat controversial- topic and there has been and continue to be quite a lot of studies done. The benefits of the active ingredients are many and legislation seem to be slowly changing. 

Other winter health trends this year include awareness of the use of technology, matcha and herbal teas for wellbeing and meditation. Soups and healthy cooking topics are still trending and especially the idea of leaving dairy and wheat products out of your diet. What are the topics you feel drawn to? Take your pick and give it a try 


Medical and medicinal cannabis CBD oils are the hot topic this year. I find it very interesting and looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I have been using hemp oil in my skincare products which is made from the seeds. It has great benefits as a tissue healer as it contains antioxidant, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. The consistency of the oil is very dry, so it’s perfectly suitable to use for face as well. 

winter health trends cannabis oils

Cannabis is one of the top trends this year

I have also used hemp powder which is one of the best plant sources for protein. It can be added to smoothies and shakes. Hemp contains amino acids, fibre, protein, fibre and healthy fats. In other words it can be classified as superfood. It could be one of the best immune boosters out there and could be a great option for anyone needing protein in the diet. Read more about hemp powder. We can safely say cannabis is one of the top winter health trends and it also seems to be a big topic for next year.


The cannabis plant itself produces several types of cannabinoids. Two of these have been found to have health benefits. They do not contain psychedelic properties and are the ones used in the CBD oils and supplements. So they are do not have the same effects as the cannabis used recreationally. Recently it was announced that from November doctors in UK can subscribe medical cannabis for patients.

There has been many studies done recently about the health benefits of CBD products. These should really be taken as an option for anyone suffering from chronic pain, inflammation or autoimmune decease. They have also shown signs of the possible benefits when treating cancer. Other benefits of CBD products are therapeutic effects in schizophrenia, epileptic seizures, chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Read more about the benefits of medical cannabis products 

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Meditation has been trending as a topic for a few years now. It has finally started to lose its reputation for being new age and hippie thing to do. I feel the word has been over used and many people are thinking it to be difficult or don’t really understand it. To simplify things I always think of it as taking a pause, a moment to yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything other that maybe sitting in silence for a few minutes or even listening to a beautiful music. The techniques we often hear talked about have been developed to help the modern person. Meditation seems to still be one of the top winter health trends.

winter health trends meditation

Meditation is one of the top winter health trends this year


Most of us live busy lives and feel it challenging to just suddenly sit down and be quiet. The mind has a strong influence on us and will always find an excuse of not to do it. Sometimes it is beneficial to use an activity before mediation to get rid of excess energy. Dance, jump, run or walk for a few moments before the silence. 

Some find it beneficial to listen to a guided meditation, which essentially is just a person talking to calm your mind. It may also be helpful to have a specific space in your home for this or at least a meditation cushion to sit on.I use a cushion which I feel is the best fit for me. You can find mine here or find your favourite meditation cushion.BENEFITS OF MEDITATION

I have always been one to enjoy silence, whether it is out in the nature or just in my home. For me it is essential to my mental health and it keeps me calm and grounded. I feel it is even more important now as we live in ever faster paced world, surrounded by technology and stimulation. I have created a 7 Day meditation challenge to get you started. You can join here

There has been many studies done about the benefits of meditation. It really is one of the best ways to de-stress. Taking a moment for yourself every day can help to calm the mind and body. Meditation can help to reduce anxiety and helps you to get a good night sleep. That’s why quite often you see it being recommended before bed. It is a great way to bring awareness back t yourself. What is happening in your life and mind at this moment? Are there any questions you need answered? Read more about the health benefits of meditation

Recently meditation has been used in prisons and now there are several projects going on in helping the prisoners. They live in a high stress life situation and getting a good night sleep or even a moment of calmness can be challenging.   


Herbal teas are one of the top winter health trends. Natural remedies such as herbs have been used for thousands of years all around the world. This is of course, for a good reason. They have many health benefits and are a great way to warm up. One of my absolute favourites for sleep is chamomile. I have been drinking it for as long as I can remember, so I think my brain makes a connection with sleep. Peppermint is great for uplifting the mood and energy. You can make it from the fresh leaves for more intense flavour or dry herb for softer. 

winter health trends herbal teas

Herbal teas are a hot topic this year

One of the best antiviral herbs is thyme which is usually used in cooking. It does make a delicious tea and I would highly recommend it during the flu season. Ginger is a fabulous option for heating up the body and you can combine it with a splash of lemon juice. Echinacea is well known for its immune boost, just like elderberries. Try hibiscus for calming the mind and rosehip and rose petals for glowing skin. Remember to consult a qualified herbalist if you are taking any medications. If you are interested to learn more about herbal remedies, I would highly recommend Bartram’s Encyclopaedia of herbal medicine.    Check out some Herbal teas for inspiration


People seem to be waking up to the environmental impacts of their eating habits. Being a vegan or vegetarian has never been as popular. Many are making this decision based on the animal welfare. Dairy and especially milk has been a hot topic for a while and specifically the treatment of the cows. Social media seem to be full of videos, documentaries and news about it.  

As long as I can remember we have been told we need dairy and milk for healthy bones, but recently this has been questioned by many. I am not a scientist, but have always thought of it being a bit strange idea. Luckily there are now many alternatives for dairy and you can choose from soya, almond or oats drinks instead if milk is your thing. Is the dairy really the best way to get calcium into our bodies? Read recommendations from  physicians committee fro responsible medicine. 


Traditionally human beings have been hunter gatherers getting their food from the nature. The modern human is living a very different lifestyle. Many sit at their desks all day and do not move enough for healthy muscle condition. We also tend to eat more as everything is available all the time. No need to go to the forest to pick our own food or hunting for meat. So its no wonder we are heavier than ever and there are indications our lifestyle is changing our body.

winter health trends veganism

Vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more popular

Vegetarian diet is a great choice for modern man. Sticking with plant based foods at least for most of the time is a great way to reduce the calorie consumption. Winter health needs warming soups and vegetable stew. The vegetable and pulses are lighter, but with slow releasing carbohydrates for long lasting energy. Try porridge with berries for breakfast, leek soup for lunch and vegetable stew for dinner. Try roasted veggies for Sunday dinner with some fish or vegetable buns. Check out some of my healthy cooking books for inspiration or try some new Healthy cooking recipes

Hope you enjoyed these winter health trends and ideas and it has inspired you to try something new. Make sure you also check the winter beauty trends and tips. Read about winter lifestyle trends for inspiration to enjoy the best winter. 


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