Winter Lifestyle Trends

winter lifestyle trends

Winter lifestyle, I feel, is always more challenging than summer. Especially in London it seems to be grey, wet, cold and dark. You want to create a comfy home and maybe add some simple treats to your life. Take a look at your winter lifestyle and asses what it is that you would like to add to your life. Do you spend a lot of time at home during the cold moths? Do you enjoy going out with your friends? What do you like to do in your spare time? Read? Cook? Invite friends over?  Maybe you want to update your home decor for the inter months to make things comfy and enjoyable. 


Winter is also a great time to take on another hobby. Maybe you want to learn knitting or baking or perhaps a new language. The chances are you are not going out as much, so you may as well make the most of your evenings. You may even want to learn to play some instrument or try something completely different. Check out your nearest colleges for evening courses. Winter is the best time for that. It’s also a great way to ensure you don’t turn into a hermit during the cold months. It will get you out of the house, learning new things and meeting new people. 


Undoubtedly the biggest topic of the year has been plastic, sustainability and environmentally friendly options. This was brought on to the wider discussion by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series. Most people have known about the effects of our lifestyle choices, but chose to ignore it. The programme really highlighted some of the key issues. 

We can all make small changes in our lives to help the environment to cope. By paying attention to our shopping habits we can reduce the use of plastic. Recycle where you can and avoid buying foods that are wrapped in plastic. Choose natural materials where possible and instead of throwing things away, donate to a charity. Live without plastic one day a week and Join Plastic Free Friday

winter lifestyle trends colours

Grey is trending as winter lifestyle colour


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to update your home. There is no need for full on decorating, painting or refurbishing. With a small budget you can add a new look to your living space. Add a few new touches to make your home comfy for the dark and grey winter months.Your winter wardrobe can also be updated with only a few key pieces.  Here are some simple ideas for your winter lifestyle: 

winter lifestyle home decor

Add cushions and throws for extra comfort


One of the easiest ways to update your home decor is to get new cushion covers. They are sold everywhere and you can even get them made with your own style. They are an easy way to add some colour or different style to your space. The interior style trends seem to be comfortable living, a little bit of country lifestyle. Grey and other soft washed out colours are in. If you have a grey couch or bed cover, get some stylish cushion covers to finish the style. Choose the style that matches yours, maybe modern geometric print, plant or flower print or just simple plain colours. Use natural materials to stay environmentally friendly.    


Another fun way to update your home is to get a new blanket. You can use them as a colour spot and they are great to wrap yourself in on cold nights. Not only do they look good, but you can use them when reading, watching tv or whatever else you would like to do. They are not an expensive investment, but can really add something special to your decor. 


If you have a little bit more money to invest you can get new curtains and perhaps a bedspread or cover to your couch. Most places sell matching cushion covers with the curtains or you can have them made from your favourite fabric. The trend is soft colours and different shades of grey, but you can choose whatever you feel is right for your home. Remember that you can always keep your summer covers to use them again later. 


There is a great chance your house will be fairly cold, especially if you live in an old building. You want to get Slippers for winter comfort, wooly socks and cardigans to keep you warm. There’s nothing worse than feeling shivering cold in your own home. I have several wooly socks and slippers which I alternate depending on how cold it is. I hate socks and if I could I would be bare feet year around. Slippers are better as they are loose and the feet can breath. Choose natural materials where possible for best foot health. 

I’m sure you agree with me that life without a few good cardigans is not possible. Choose a big, soft and warm cardigan to use at home. It will keep you warm when reading, knitting or studying. Opt for a lighter material for going out. Layering up is always a good idea during the winter and a smaller cardigan can fit under your winter coat. 


My favourite thing for winter is definitely candles. Unfortunately I do not have a fire place because if I did that would be it. Invest in some lovely warm scents or scents to escape for uplifting the mood. Our sense of smell is very powerful and candles not only look pretty, but leave a lovely scent to your space.  You can also have a few candle holders in the house, where you can burn tea lights. They can give your home a lovely soft, colourful light and they look pretty. Make sure your scented candles are made from natural wax for safe indoors air. Paraffin wax candle are toxic to your environment and should always be avoided. Check out my Anuuk Aromatic candles

winter lifestyle scented candles

Anuuk Aromatic candles and essential oils

If you are not a fan of candles (if possible) you can try electric essential oil diffusers. They a great and safe way to add a lovely scent to your home. The system allows you to leave it on when going to bed as it switches off when the water runs out. They make also lovely gifts for new homes. Simply add water and your favourite essential oil and switch on. There are many styles available for you to choose from. Most of them have a light option and usually you can also switch it off if you just want to enjoy the fragrance. They also won as a humidifier and can help you if the room air is very dry. Always choose natural essential oils for your diffuser. Check out my Anuuk Aromatic essential oil blends and don’t forget to book yourself a massage at least once a month for general wellbeing!

Hope you enjoyed these winter lifestyle trends and ideas. Make sure you also check the winter beauty trends and tips for winter skin -and beauty care. Read about healthy living ideas for inspiration to enjoy the best winter. 

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