Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to create an personalised fragrance blend for your treatment. Essential oils are made from different plant materials, like tree bark, resin, grass, leaves or twigs of a tree, berries, seeds, fruits or blossoms. Because the oils have both physiological and psychological properties they are a great way to treat your body and mind in a natural, gentle way. Your sense of smell can have a powerful effect triggering memories and emotions, which is why traditional aromatherapy massage is all about the oils and the scent. You can choose from ready blended oils or request your favourite fragrance for your aromatherapy massage treatment. I am also always happy to create a bespoke fragrance for your treatment.

Relax and recover after a long week with soothing aromatherapy massage

Relax and recover after a long week with soothing aromatherapy massage


Our frangipani blend is perfect for relaxation. The gorgeous exotic and sweet frangipani is blended with ylang ylang  and citrus oils making it feminine and crispy. This is a perfect blend for anyone loving flowers and looking for relaxation. Most people love this scent as it’s light and full of flavour.


This blend is especially suitable for the hard working body or anyone living an active life. Because Marjoram has beneficial properties for muscular aches and tension it makes the perfect blend for active person. This blend includes other herbal and spice oils like lavender, rosemary and black pepper therefor making it fresh and uplifting. This aromatherapy blend is made with arnica infused oils which is known for its benefits for tired muscles. Because this oil is combining all natural healing materials, it is the perfect choice for active and sporty person.


Rosewood like all woody oils is fantastic when you are looking to switch off and escape for a moment. This blend is made with other woody essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood and spikenard which all have grounding energy.  Because of its meditative properties it gives a connection to the nature, making it the perfect treatment for anyone suffering from exhaustion, anxieties or stress. Because this treatment combines the powerful tree oils it is perfect for relaxation.  Read about the benefits of massage 

Aromatherapy massage in Marylebone London

Relax with a calming bespoke massage after a long week


Holistic Massage is probably the best known body treatment of modern day Europe. It helps to increase the blood circulation within the body and removal of toxins. Holistic Massage aims to release tension and stiffness of the muscles. It its balancing and soothing for the body as it not only slows down the heartbeat, but also slows down the breathing rhythm. Traditionally oils are used with this treatment to aid with the strokes and because of hits it’s also good for the skin tone. Holistic massage is balancing and relaxing treatment and suitable for all ages.Regular treatment can be beneficially especially when suffering from tree or anxiety in addition to appropriate rest time.


Deep tissue massage works below the superficial connective tissue and targets deep muscles within the body. Because this treatment uses firm pressure it can release trapped nerves and tension in the stiff muscles and aid the flow of nutrients and oxygen around the body. Deep and slow movements are used and the pressure is gradually built. The benefits may include release of tension and chronic knots, break up the scar tissue from previous injuries, increase in mobility, removal of toxins, stress release and reduction in chronic pain. Rest is recommended after the treatment to help the body with the healing process as it is equally important as the treatment itself.

Back cleanse treatment in Marylebone London

Enjoy a relaxing back treatment before any big day


Back cleanse is essentially a facial treatment for the back. This is a hard reached area and sometimes difficult to cleanse properly. Some people may suffer from problematic skin on the back, which can include spots or blackheads in the area. This is a perfect treatment when getting ready for an event and using an open back outfit. This treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, warm mud mask, massage and moisturise.


Most women and and some men suffer from cellulite at some stage in their lives, possibly due to poor diet, lack of exercise or hormonal changes. Over time the connective tissue becomes shorter and loses its elasticity which causes the fat cells to budge towards the skin between connective tissue fibres, creating a lumpy appearance. Detox and cellulite reduction massage treatment aims to break down the fat cells, increase circulation and assist in regeneration of connective tissue. It aids the detoxification process with specific deep massage techniques and stimulation. The massage techniques include rolling of the skin and can be painful at times. Great treatment for tired legs or when suffering from excess fluid.

This treatment includes dry brushing, deep massage without oils, exfoliation and massage with essential oils. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment to encourage the elimination process. Please avoid any hair removal a few days prior the treatment. Regular treatments are recommended for best results. Read the top tips for reducing cellulite


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