Holistic Massage is probably the best known body treatment of modern day Europe. It helps to increase the blood circulation within the body and removal of toxins. Holistic Massage aims to release tension and stiffness of the muscles. It its balancing and soothing for the body as it not only slows down the heartbeat, but also slows down the breathing rhythm. Traditionally oils are used with this treatment to aid with the strokes and because of hits it’s also good for the skin tone. Holistic massage is balancing and relaxing treatment and suitable for all ages.Regular treatment can be beneficially especially when suffering from tree or anxiety in addition to appropriate rest time.


Deep tissue massage works below the superficial connective tissue and targets deep muscles within the body. Because this treatment uses firm pressure it can release trapped nerves and tension in the stiff muscles and aid the flow of nutrients and oxygen around the body. Deep and slow movements are used and the pressure is gradually built. The benefits may include release of tension and chronic knots, break up the scar tissue from previous injuries, increase in mobility, removal of toxins, stress release and reduction in chronic pain. Rest is recommended after the treatment to help the body with the healing process as it is equally important as the treatment itself.

Aromatherapy massage

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According to Thai medical theory sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are rooted on the sole of the foot. Furthermore, Thai foot massage is believed to be good for stimulating activity of the internal organs. It uses hands, fingers and a wooden stick with specially blended oils or cream. This treatment is especially recommended to anyone who suffers from tired legs. The massage is done up to the knee together with massage balm or a lotion. It encourages the blood circulation of the legs and is refreshing and revitalising treatment. This is a perfect treatment for anyone working on their feet or standing long periods of time. Getting regular foot massages alongside of appropriate rest time can simnifically help with tired feet.

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